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2016Bioresonance Technology original 9d cell nls health analyzer 9d nls body health analyzing machine

2016Bioresonance Technology original 9d cell nls health analyzer 9d nls body health analyzing machine
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Place of Origin:TX, USA (Mainland), TX, USA
Brand Name:ZHIHUI, ZHIHUI nls
Model Number:DM819, DM819 9d nls
Support O.S:Window xp,window vista,window 7 Win8 (32&64 bit)
Language version:English,Spanish,Italian,Cech,Russian,Germany,others Optional
Type:Clinical Examination Aids
Pack Color:silver
Warrenty:One year
Delivery date:1-3 workdays

2015 Bioresonance Technology original 9d cell nls health analyzer 9d nls body health analyzing machine
Product Description



                        ZHIHUI NLS DM819    Clinical  version

  8D NLS   Language :(Optional)English,Spanish ,German, ,Russian,Korean,


                          Japanese,Chinese ect.

8D nls Bio Scanner ZHIHUI NLS DM818 the software is vector software (Optional) and it  is the best pre-clinical diagnostic device. It can detect all the problem zones in a patient’s organism using its non-invasive methods. By means of 8D NLS you can do it easy and quickly. and the detection  speed is very quick. Average time of scanning, 2-3 seconds.  it is – more advanced, has a large database, defines in more detail the diagnoses. The most practical model.the most advanced and the most trick out.Do not set the screen resolution of 1024X768


When this technology was compared with conventional diagnostic methods of Ultrasound, CT-

Scan and MRI, the 8D NLS Dolma showed to be far more accurate, see the chart below:







74 – 86%

24 – 28%

19 -23%

30 – 34%


65 – 72%

9 – 14%

10 – 13%

23 – 31%


78 – 82%

16 – 18%

14 – 16%

21 – 25%


52 – 65%

7 – 9%

11 – 14%

13 – 16%


38 – 42%

6 – 8%

12 – 16%

18 – 23%

The 8D NLS is completely safe and non-invasive. It presents detailed visual reports of the

health status of all the organs, systems and tissue of the body. Unlike other non-invasive scanners,

the 8D NLS shows great detail and can project the health status out 3 – 5 years with amazing



The 8D NLS is an elegant yet simple method for measuring the health state of the entire body.

It works similar to other scanners in principles of electromagnetic signals, but the brilliance here is

quite literally in the details. Whereas other analyzers measure the frequency of a certain organ

system or body part at a time, this modality is referred to as 3D because it scans every layer of

each organ, rather than just the singular organ. In this way it becomes more specific in cases such as the  kin for example, where a sunburn or a cut might register at an Exterior level, a

melanoma or rash at a more  Middle layer, and skin diseases or allergic reactions at more of  level (Even into DNA). This opens up a whole new level of detail usually reserved for the professional physician or, in our case, the pioneering enthusiast.


DOLMA 8D NLS can be used by anyone who is interested in quickly and effectively examining the health of their patients, clients, friends, family or employees. Accurate analysis is the driving factor of our company and no matter whom you are or what you do, you will be well informed with the information you will gather from the DOLMA 8D NLS device, and so will everyone you work with.

Remember that the information is being gathered on a cellular level, and the beauty of this method of diagnosis is that before anything is manifested, it is found.

People who fall under any of the following categories are welcome, advised and will find benefit in using and having a DOLMA 8D NLS bio feed back device.


The device allows detecting and monitoring the expression of genetically caused diseases among all family members


Greatly increases the efficiency of clinical examination and the initial reception. Significantly lower costs of finance and time. Physicians are exempt from routine and often formal work. No need to send your clients to other specialists, you can assist them by examining all the concerns they have and providing treatment, and healing methods.


Becomes a real continuous monitoring of the health of all children and staff at intervals of not less than once a month, the ability to assess the adequacy of student’s health.


Objective medical monitoring is required whenever there is a serious exercise. This equipment allows us to create an individual program, taking into account features of the organism.


DOLMA 8D NLS is a great tool to monitor the health of your family and friends. Provides means of checkup, treatment and healing without having to spend large amounts of finances on health care services.



 Concern about the health of its customers – a very strong competitive trump card. Objective assessment of the client can choose individual cosmetic program and achieve impressive results









Our Services


                                 After-sales service

  Service and Warranty
       ZHIHUI Technology Co., Ltd  is dedicated to providing innovative, quality products and excellent customer service. Whether
you are placing an order, looking for technical support or just have a basic question, we will response to you within 24 hours
and will strive to bring you the highest level of support. Please contact our company Service   
A. Warranty period
Our warranty includes the maintenance of material and manufacturing technology malfunctions within Thirteen months from
the date you buy our machine.
  B. Restriction
If the machine is not dated, we will be unable to provide you the service.
We will not bear any responsibility if any damage caused by the followings:
    Damage caused by fire, earthquake, riots, or any force majeure.
    Incidental damage such as interruption of business and loss of business benefit including loss caused by using the
machine, costs raised by any other machines’ replacement, installation and service, or claims of your customers.
   C. Shipping problem
If you find there is something wrong while opening the packing, please contact shipping company at first time, both of us must
discuss with relative shipping company to solve the problem. At the same time, we’ll do relative help for you.



Packaging & Shipping

    one set /carton packing size:40*13*31cm GW:5.5KG

We are METATRON HUNTER NLS Supplier,If you have any question,contact us Pleasse

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