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9d nls quantum analyzer

9d nls quantum analyzer
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9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer

What is Magnetspace 9d nls quantum analyzer?

The device 9D NLS allows us to quickly measure the current energy state of the entire human body without any adverseside effects, then draw the necessary conclusions, and learn about the risk of certain diseases. In addition, the 9D NLS is suitable for mapping the presence of various bacteria, viruses, parasitic fungi, parasites, and unicellular organisms;and to detect whether these pathogens are active in the body.
The device includes additional useful functions. It is suitable, among others, for preparing personalized information products (these work like homeopathic products) as well as for conducting an information therapy – Meta Therapy.
The device is also suitable for predicting possible abnormalities of homeostasis, selecting diet related health promotion programs, and identifying the vibration pattern of the most appropriate medication or nutritional supplement for the person being examined. The effectiveness of the selected products may be measured in advance by testing vegetative reactions (vegeto-test). The “electronic pharmacy” that is the reference information module contains more than 10,000 spectrograms (vibration patterns). This allows the selection and the instant preparation of a personalized information product that will work the most effectively and efficiently.
The process of analysis is simple.
Since the electrical activity of the vegetative structure of the brain is unavailable, the vegetative brain formulas are activated by sound, electromagnetic vibrations (through the headphones), and visual stimulation.
Visual activators support permanent and intensive changes in relation to a certain organ. The system amplifies the signals coming from the brain, then converts them into a digital code making it suitable for enteringit into the computer in the form of information. The procedure is indicated on the anatomical illustration of the examined organ with the corresponding colored symbols.
The color and the location of the symbols on the illustrations depend on the intensity of signals coming from the brain.They reflect the health state of the body, more specifically the various stages of stress functioning, and also refer to the already obvious pathological changes.
The next stage of the rapid test involves an energy audit. The basis of the audit is that the program compares the vibrations corresponding to the various diseases, the so-called etalon processes stored in the computer’s memory, with the current information received from the person being examined. The program allows us to approach the energy diagnosis in different ways, including variance analysis, entropy analysis, multivariate or linear analysis, and graphical representation (the program compares the graphical representation of the virtual models of the diseases with the data of the examined person). The program is able to analyze not only the entire body at the anatomical and histological level, but also allows the individual intersections and the interaction between them to be examined.
The reliability of the health check is guaranteed by 5 different positions. The closer the information received from the examined person is to the virtual model of the disease, the greater is the accuracy and the reliability of the results. Considering that 4 symbols of the 6 that are used in the program indicate some state of functioning, we can say that the device allows us to determine the development of pathological processes already in the initial stages.
In the next stage of the health check (rapid test), with the help of the program you can choose from the vibrational pictures of various products (allopathic and homeopathic products, nutritional supplements, herbs). The program also specifies which of the products in the database are the most suitable for improving the condition of a given organ. This is made for each patient individually, taking into consideration one’s state of health. The device is able to test automatically whether a product is suitable for a given patient or not. In addition to the thousands of products stored in the database of the program, you can test vibrations of any other product by placing the product into the magneto-optical chamber of the device (external vegeto-test).
If the given product can improve the overall condition of the body, the product may be recommended for use for the patient. Using the biophysical NLS method, it is possible to prepare the so-called spectronosodes, which reflect the vibration pattern of the given product, and can affect a certain organ at the information level.
The program provides a huge amount of statistical data on the distribution of the various nosological forms of diseases according to age groups and gender. This allows us to retrieve and process essential information even if we only know the gender and the age of the patient.

9d nls quantum analyzer

9d nls health analyzer in india

9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer

How 9d nls quantum analyzer work?

In a letter from the German TÜV Rheinland, the device is counted among bioresonance devices. Descriptions of a distribution company speak of a wellness or well-being product and literally: “We use terms such as illness, diagnosis, therapy, etc. only for a better understanding of the people who have become accustomed to it in terms of today’s traditional medicine nomenclature and have yet to have access to the new understanding of quantum physical possibilities for restoring natural well-being (analogous to the conventional terms of diagnosis and therapy or disease and health) and “Traditional scientific methods are therefore not suitable to provide proof of efficacy “.

The patient receives “organ-specific” signals via a special headphone. A sensor also located in the headphones measures the body’s response and uses a database to determine deviations from the “normal values”. In the patent to the 9d nls quantum analyzer device is the speech that the device is able to increase the “intuition” of the patient.
Pseudo-scientific assumptions

In order to describe the alleged properties of the system, quantum mysticism strives for quantum physics. It is said to be the only device in the world that can detect a “spectral analysis of turbulent magnetic fields” in living organisms and also measure the “bioelectrical activity of brain neurons” and “body electrons” and their “spin deviation”, according to advertising leaflets. The method of operation is based on the application of a noise generator to generate a short-term interference wave of a “body biofield” and neurons, which should then provide measurement results. Another sales company complements this pseudo-scientific chatter by pointing out that the 9d nls quantum analyzer device measures “bioelectric phenomena of entropy increase in the organism”.

Therapeutic miracle properties

In addition to diagnostics, the system should also enable a “genetic level” to restore an unspecified “natural spin” to treat assumed “interference fields”. The device could already transmit “frequencies” to water or milk sugar during an examination. In addition, it “balances” the organism via electromagnetic oscillations, the frequencies of which could be stored in the body’s own water over a longer period of time and thus consistently set healing stimuli.

Whole-body health check with the 9d nls quantum analyzer Analyzer

Whole body analysis – The NLS 9d nls quantum analyzer system comes from space research and has been available to the general public – you – for several years now. The measurement principles (frequency measurement) on which the system is based stand on secure ground in quantum physics and entropy logic. The morphology of a single organ is not measured and considered (as is the case with the various classical, conventional medical diagnostic procedures). but the functional state in relation to the entire human organism, or the equilibrium states of physiological processes. With this sophisticated and medically approved analysis device, we have a technique available that allows us to selectively control the health of our body, up to 90 Due to the specific vibration patterns (bioresonance or feedback principle), trillions of measurement points are to be assessed, therefore completely painless and without side effects. (ideal for toddlers)

Every organ, every cell of our body has an individual vibration pattern in which it works optimally. Deviations from the respective ideal state are recorded, evaluated and graphed by the 9d nls quantum analyzer analysis device, graded according to the degree of deviation. 9d nls quantum analyzer sees with the “eyes of the body” – it recognizes, where the body “fights” and has problems with it. 9d nls quantum analyzer does not evaluate absolute measurement data, but analyzes the respective situation. Often, one can detect hidden causes of acute or chronic illnesses, which elude other examination methods, or one can recognize disturbances already in the preliminary stage, even before a symptom appears. (meaningful precaution) Since parasites (bacteria, viruses and fungi) also have different vibration patterns, they can be localized and determined with the help of the device, in order to then find suitable measures to eliminate them. With the help of the 9d nls quantum analyzer system, medications can be used , Homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements etc. may be determined by percentage to their respective, specific efficacy. Also, allergies, food intolerances and environmental stresses (environmental toxins, electrosmog, dental remedies, etc.), and their physical effects may be recorded and analyzed. (e.g., list of foods that stress the body and which are healthy for the body.

9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer

What can 9d nls quantum analyzer do?

Analysis of all the complex organs of the body:
The cardiovascular system
Digestive apparatus (gastrointestinal)
Bone and muscular system
The urinary and genital system
The pulse system
The endocrine system
Visual and hearing aids
Nervous system
Biochemical analysis of blood, hormones, oligo-elements
Detection of infections in organs and systems – viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc. (staphylocoques et streptocoques, Trichomonas, chlamydia, et ainsi de suite)
Qualitative assessment of hormones, adrenal glands, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads
Analysis of body immunity
Allergic state diagnosis (nearly 500 allergens tested)
Testing compatibility with different drugs
Diagnosis at chromosome level
B. In Therapy mode, the device helps treat, through bioenergetic rebalancing, many diseases, including:
Bronchial asthma
Autoimmune diseases
Organic degenerative diseases
Rheumatic diseases
Gynecological diseases (menstrual pain, hormonal imbalances, prenatal treatment, infections)
Post-vaccine complications
Stress-related illnesses
Headaches / migraines and other types of pain
Eczema and neurodermitis
Metabolic disorders
Pre-and post-operative treatments
Viral illnesses



What 9d nls quantum analyzer Range?

9d nls quantum analyzer can be used by anyone who is interested in quickly and effectively examining the health of their patients, clients, friends, family or employees. Accurate analysis is the driving factor of our company and no matter whom you are or what you do, you will be well informed with the information you will gather from the 9d nls quantum analyzer device, and so will everyone you work with.

Remember that the information is being gathered on a cellular level, and the beauty of this method of diagnosis is that before anything is manifested, it is found.

9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer

where need use the 9d nls quantum analyzer

The device allows detecting and monitoring the expression of genetically caused diseases among all family members

Greatly increases the efficiency of clinical examination and the initial reception. Significantly lower costs of finance and time. Physicians are exempt from routine and often formal work. No need to send your clients to other specialists, you can assist them by examining all the concerns they have and providing treatment, and healing methods.

Becomes a real continuous monitoring of the health of all children and staff at intervals of not less than once a month, the ability to assess the adequacy of student’s health.

9d nls quantum analyzer 9d nls quantum analyzer

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