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ector system and Gary Null PhD

Gary Null PhD

Vector mapping system

vector mapping system

his work focuses on alternative and vector mapping system complementary medicine, anti-aging medicine, nutrition, fitness, the environment, social issues and self-empowerment.

Dr. He has also

vector mapping system

written, produced and directed numerous PBS Television Specials, documentaries, videos and audio CDs on the topics of alternative medicine, nutrition vector mapping system and self-empowerment. He is vector mapping system a well-known radio personality and is the host producer of The Gary Null Show, the longest running, continuously airing health talk radio show in America, now in its 30th year.

Dr. Null has written, directed vector mapping system and produced several award winning documentary films on public policy

vector mapping system

issues including titles such as: AIDS: The Untold Story, Deconstructing The Myth of AIDS, AIDS Inc, Prescription For Disaster, The Drugging of Our Children, Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own and Fatal Fallout. Dr. vector mapping system Null is the founder of the Natural Living Walking Running Club in New York City and he also offers free alternative health support groups in Los Angeles vector mapping system and New York City vector mapping system.



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