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oberon diagnostic system

oberon diagnostic system
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How does the OBERON diagnostic system work?

oberon diagnostic system oberon diagnostic system oberon diagnostic system oberon diagnostic system

OBERON Diagnostics Systems – According to Prof. Sviatoslav P. Nesterov, any disease can be expressed as a deviation from the harmonic oscillations in the process of regulation of biological objects.OBERON provides the most unique tool for scanning various organs and systems of the body without medical or surgical intervention. Developed by Russian scientists in the early 1990s, OBERON is the most revolutionary computer programming invention in the world today for the analysis and treatment of all organs and functions of the human body.

(1) This is the basis for all NLS oberon diagnostic systems and quantum medicine systems, including Metavital’s. It is not about mysticism, but about physics and technology. The development of quantum physics/quantum medicine used in the Metavital Oberon system and the high computer power of modern computers make it possible to determine the conditions corresponding to a certain degree of entropy in biological objects. Compare these with the spectrum of many computer entropy states in other topics.

(2) It seems that various factors (diet, stress, pressure, environment) can transform the initial harmonic vibration in a biological object into a discordant vibration. The more pronounced the deviation from the harmonic state, the more obvious the pathological process and the greater the deviation from the optimal functional state. By measuring the existing oscillations, it is possible to apply the desired oscillations for regulation using the Oberon MNLS technology via photoelectric trigger sensors (headphones). Also, since traditional medicine primarily works, the connection between quantum physics, quantum medicine and western medicine is very difficult. According to traditional causal principles, information technology based on modern quantum physics first has probabilistic characteristics.
The data obtained in this way fit well with conventional methods such as ultrasound, CT or MRI.

oberon diagnostic system

oberon diagnostic machine price

(3) Therefore, the metaphysics of transcendentalism is a serious science and technology, not an esoteric one. The Oberon MNLS will not replace established diagnostic equipment, but will supplement it in certain areas.
The device can “see” with the body’s eyes – it can indicate where the body is “struggling” and has problems. Two people respond differently to different stressors such as the influenza virus. Oberon does not evaluate absolute measurements, but does analyze the respective conditions and suggests to the therapist that he can use them as a basis for diagnosis and treatment. In this individualized diagnosis and treatment, its uniqueness and great advantages. Again, to be clear: it’s not the Oberon device that provides the diagnosis or treatment, it’s the doctors and therapists. The Oberon device is only a diagnostic tool. The decision that further steps must be taken is always made by the therapist, who usually uses further analytical methods. This is health care, not mysticism.

The level and character of pathology is detected by disorders in the communication flow between cells and the integration relationship between the various organs of the body. Oberon offers four different spectral views for these features.
vitality view

Displays a set of equidistant dipoles representing the energy state of the organ at each measurement point. The energy map represents a snapshot of the organ at the time of measurement.
balance spectrum

Represents the dynamic regulatory properties of the organ. It focuses on the long-term illness of the organism and can distinguish between acute processes and chronic processes.

entropy spectrum (math.)

Shows the expression level and kinetics of the disease.

NLS spectrum

Used only in oncology and helps characterize the kinetics of the cancer process.

Information overview using NLS analysis

Organ repair

biochemical homeostasis

pathological morphology


Microorganisms and worms




Nutritional and complementary medicines


oberon diagnostic system

oberon diagnostic system

What is Oberon doing?

It allows for a comprehensive energetic health examination or, immediately following an energetic treatment, an examination of the whole body, all internal organs, all bones and tissues and, if necessary, an automatic assessment up to the chromosome level.

If necessary, the apparatus can branch into deeper structures independent of the organ or tissue. A complete body analysis takes about 60 minutes. The examination is completely painless and therefore suitable for children as well.
For the purpose of inspection, you wear special headphones, but do not hear any sound. Instead, it has so-called trigger sensors that send very faint, inaudible signals to the body in the gigahertz range, which are designed to meet the requirements of nonlinear system analysis. A very large database of comparative values was evaluated, and the possible deviations associated with the ideal state of health of the energy were shown very clearly for the patients by the color symbols on the virtual organ images.

In my experience, it’s impossible to eliminate all burdens and causes. We must endure many environmental factors that we cannot change.

The goals of natural treatments for skin diseases should be.
1. Increase the moisture content of the skin
2. Elimination of inflammation
3. Reduce itching and burning pain
4. Establishing the intestinal mucosa and eliminating malnutrition
5. Release of environmental toxins and other personal burdens
6. Regulation of the hormonal system
7. Strengthening the immune system
8. Consideration of ground and electrical fog diseases
9. Regulates acid-base balance.

A separate nutritional setting is often required.

Examinations and treatments using the Oberon Diagnostic and Therapeutic System can open up the possibility of positively affecting skin metabolism again.
Many patients usually improve the skin’s ability to repair itself and self-regulate.

At the end of the analysis, the images will be discussed in detail and, if necessary, scanned in greater detail. For problems identified, the Oberon system suggests possible causes and actively seeks homoeopathy or homeopathy.

oberon diagnostic system

oberon diagnostic system

oberon diagnostic system

How to analyze oberon diagnostic system test results?

NLS Outcome Assessment-Analysis, Scale Score
1.01 Level of lateral functional activity
2.02 Optimal control level
3.03 Changing characteristics at a higher level, i.e. regulating the load state of the system
4.04 Mechanisms for the regulation of weakness
5. 05 Compensatory dysfunction of the adaptation mechanism
6. 06 Displacement of adaptation mechanisms, widespread pathology


Where do I need an OBERON diagnostic system?

Anyone interested in quickly and efficiently examining the health of patients, clients, friends, family or employees can use the OBERON Diagnostic System. Accurate analysis is what drives our company, and no matter who you are or what you do, you will be well informed by the information you gather from OBERON Diagnostics equipment, and everyone you work with will be well informed.
Keep in mind that information is gathered at the cellular level and the advantage of this diagnostic method is that it is found before anything is proven.
People who fall into any of the following categories will be welcomed, advised and benefit from the use and ownership of OBERON Diagnostics biofeedback devices.

Family doctor – the device detects and monitors the expression of genetic disorders in all family members

Clinical and medical units – greatly improving the efficiency of clinical examinations and initial admissions. Significantly reduces financial costs and time. The physician is exempt from routine and frequent formal work. Without referring your client to another specialist, you can help them by examining all of their concerns and offering treatment and rehabilitation methods.

Educational facilities and schools – to become a genuine method of uninterrupted monitoring of the health of all children and staff, at least once a month, which allows the health status of students to be assessed.

Sports, recreation centers and fitness facilities – objective medical monitoring is required when performing strenuous exercise. The device allows us to consider the characteristics of the organism to create individual programs.

Family and Friends – The DOLMA oberon diagnostic system is a great tool for monitoring the health of family and friends. A way to provide screening, treatment and rehabilitation without spending a lot of money on health care services.

Cosmetic and spa salon – focused on the health of the client – a very competitive trump card. An objective assessment of the client allows for the selection of a personalized cosmetic plan with considerable results.

Oberon diagnostic system

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oberon diagnostic system

oberon diagnostic system

oberon diagnostic system

oberon diagnostic system

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