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oberon NLS history

Metatron Oberon HISTORY


Foundation of Institute of Practical
Psychophysics in Omsk, Russia.
First developments in the field of bio-resonance
diagnostics and therapy.

Release of the first device for NLS-diagnostics:
OBERON Metapathia

Change of brand name because of
frequent cases of counterfeiting.
Release of the first unit under a new brand:
METATRON® 4017 with software NutriSoft Emerald

Release of a new generation of NLS hardware
and software: METATRON® 4025 with software
Metapathia GR Hunter

Establishment of the first European office:
Institute of Practical Psychophysics – Europe,
Prague (Czech Republic)

Release of the first generation of
3D-utilizing software: Metapathia GR Clinical

Release of the first specialized product,
Red Dragon, with software and database
specifically tailored to the Asian region. Other
region-specific products under development.

Restyling and restructuring of corporate identity,
launching a new, business-oriented
development strategy.

Oberon  NL history

Bioresonance therapy was invented in Germany in 1977 by Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Rasche. Initially they marketed it as “MORA-Therapie”, for MOrell and RAsche. Some of the machines contain an electronic circuit measuring skin-resistance, akin to the E-meter used by Scientology, which the bioresonance creators sought to improve; Franz Morell had links with Scientology.

Practitioners claim to be able to detect a variety of diseases and addictions. Some practitioners also claim they can treat diseases using this therapy without drugs, by stimulating a change of “bioresonance” in the cells, and reversing the change caused by the disease. The devices would need to be able to isolate and pinpoint pathogens’ responses from the mixture of responses the device receives via the electrodes. Transmitting these transformed signals over the same electrodes is claimed by practitioners to generate healing signals that have the curative effect.

The original was developed of the Physiospect are technological additions to the centuries-old Oriental medicine based on energy conceptions of acupuncture as a means of the biological system control. If we turn to the Chinese meridian system we will learn of the mysterious tsi flux which in energy way reminds us of coherent photon flux. Experiments on rabbits showed that animals, just like man, have a system of extremely fine tubular structures (about 0.5 to 1.5 micron in diameter). American scientist B. Kim discovered that the terminal points of an acupuncture meridian were found to reach the cell nucleus. There are a great many means to influence the meridian system for a therapy purpose, but their effect is often not great enough. According to the Theory of quantum entropy logic the information exchange in any systems occurs distantly, associatively and selectively due to quanta of electromagnetic radiation which have energy equivalent to the energy breaking down the bonds of the system’s elementary structure.

They dealt with homeopathy and Chinese acupuncture with its further elaboration by Voll, Morell and Schimmel; the Indian Yajur -Veda and the theory of chakras; spin theory; phytotherapy and other methods.
Unlike Voll´s electro puncture diagnosis method in which the energy potentials of organs and systems get measured through biologically active points (BAP) reflecting the body condition indirectly (often with a considerable error).

Theoretical and experimental work that made it possible to produce apparatus ‘Oberon’ – a nonlinear quantum generator was initiated by Nikola Tesla, a man of genius in electronics at the end of XIX century. Later it was carried on by some other scientists like J.Lakhovsky, an outstanding French researcher, which studied the effect of radiofrequencies on the health of animals and plants.
American scientist of genius R.Rife conducted research not only on the effect of radiofrequencies but also on the effect of electrical frequencies on the human bio field. In 1950 in Germany R. Voll discovered and worked out a system of electro testing by acupuncture points of the human body.

Prof. S. Smith from Manchester University proved that water could ‘remember’ coherent frequencies to whose radiation it was exposed in a variable magnetic field, and in its structure it retains the information about those frequencies for a certain period of time.

The effect of these remedies consists in the awakening of the body’s hidden reserves. This accounts for a wide scope of influence of preparations and absence of harmful side effects and contraindications when prescribed in parallel with conventional remedies.


The big advantage with the Physiospect system is the testing function of organs and tissue in the human being, showed clearly in detail on the computer screen.
With the result from the test you have possibilities to make a quick and accurate, early diagnose of a patients problems.

The headphones in the instrument send out the exact high carrier frequency, modulated with the low frequency that fits exactly the organ to be analyzed, for example the liver.
By this you resonate only with the liver and the status is compared to the normal values that exist for healthy liver. These normal values represent etalons, based on the patient’s age and sex.

You can in detail study the structures and the function of the organ, which is affected if an organ is not healthy.

In Physiospect the structure in an organ is showed on a blue curve for different frequencies, and the function in an organ is showed as a red curve. When the two curves are together it indicates an organism in equilibrium.
The curve showing the structure also shows how the organ communicates with other organs in the body, and you can find out if there is a conflict with another body structure.

In the test results you get first a topographic analyze that shows how stressed an organ is, with symbols in 6 different stages.

In the panel of patomorphology you can, with the result from test, see the probability for different illnesses.

It is completed with information of the entropy for the organ, with values from 1 to 7. The lower value the more order in the organ and less problem. The higher value shows more chaos and established problems.

Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy
Sale Consultant : Mr Mark

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