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OBERON NLS pk Sensitiv Imago

What is Sensitiv Imago:

  1. Only in devices Sensitiv Imago there are 4 communication channels with patient (2 channel hand electrodes, headphones with binaural sensors, scanner), but device Oberon has only 2 channels ( headphones with out-of-date trigger sensors and scanner ). What more communication channels are with patient, the more so full and reliable information which is got at inspection.
  2. The use of hand electrodes allows to get information from the body of patient by not only by bioresonance method, but also impendanse (by passing of electric current through tissues ). Only by the method of biological impendanse it is possible to obtain information about composition and quality of intercellular liquid which directly participates in exchange with cellular structures.
  3. The equipment Sensitiv Imago has a bioresonanсе chamber which is intended for testing of preparations, and also for preparation of electronic drugs. In the devices Sensitiv Imago this chamber is built-in in the corps of device, that provides maximal exactness of the got results, because in corps round chamber are located powerful filters which remove all extraneous electromagnetic background. In the vehicles Oberon such chamber is also present, but it is located separately, uniting with device by means of cable. At the receipt of information there is a large error in such chamber, because such chamber reads an electromagnetic background not only inwardly but also outside of chamber.
  4. Software Sensitiv Imago has a lot more database on medicines. Also now, the software version Sensitiv Imago is available in Russian, English, German, French, Czech and Spanish.
  5. The presence of device does not mean the guarantee of successful practice. In difference from other producers our campaign offers complex full service of our customers.

Here you can see a comparative table of Sensitiv Imago and Oberon

Possibilities Oberon Sensitiv Imago
Accommodation of software Windows XP,
Windows VISTA,
Windows 7
(32 bit only)
Windows XP,
Windows VISTA,
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
(both 32 and 64 bit)Today the most spread type of new systems is 64 bit.
Development of device Manual At factory according to ISO standards.
Increases reliability and quality of developing.
Ability to transfer information to individual patient (using email as well) Doesn’t have Has
Reliability of information 68% 90-96%
Generator High-frequency generator with a constant load on the patient Floating load generator, changes frequency depending on the examined organ
Amount of bioresonance chambers 1 2
For testing preparations and creating spektronosodes. Significant increased on 47%.
Calibration Installed by the manufacturer once (increases errors in exit-visit diagnostics). Triple automatic and manual calibration of sensors under varying magnetic field.
Sensors in headphones Trigger
SBA (from 100 to 500 parts) or quasistable analyzers (12288 parts).
Usage of SBA-analyzers increases the reliability of received information, and now the quality of diagnosis doesn’t depend on which side of the brain is more active.
Errors in work of device Possibility of errors happen  during the use, also because of manual process of developing. Each unit passes it’s own 10-day test in the load in special chamber.
Compensation of Earth’s magnetic field Doesn’t have Has,
Selectable region (country and city) – automatically puts the longitude and latitude of the region – consider the effect of the magnetic field in this area, that increases the reliability of received information.
Operator protection from negative information Doesn’t have Has
Can be set in configuration of software. Inactivation of the negative information of the device allows to prevent receiving by operator of any minimal harm during the work even in a long term outlook.
Adjusting the volume level in the diagnosis Doesn’t have Has
If a patient has a hearing problems like reduced or increased sensitivity it’s possible to increase or reduce the level of volume in headphones.
Adjusting the rate of exchange of information Doesn’t have Has
Speed of getting information from the patient or the tested preparation, faster or slower. Can be adjusted manually.
Medical history (complaints) Only for present moment For last 2 months.
Determine the severity of complaints: disturbs actively, sometimes, doesn’t worry at the moment. There is also an option, that allows to make testing without any complaints.
Analysis of the weakened body systems (identification of disease causes) Doesn’t have Has
Determines the reasons of changes in a system or entire body: is this a result of influence of some other organ, or system, or local disease.
Defining of the target organ (the most weakened organ at the moment) Doesn’t have Has
That organ already has the disease and its condition’s getting worse or doesn’t have the disease, but the disease is already formed.
Analysis of the yin-yang energy target organ Doesn’t have Has
Yin-yang energy of target organ at this moment: reinforced, balanced or weakened. It is necessary to select drug treatment). Used by people practicing the treatment methods of Eastern medicine.
Analysis of the homotoxicosis level of target organ Doesn’t have Has
The level of toxic damage of the target organ at this moment on Reckeweg. Classical Western medicine. Determine at what level there are changes at the moment – cell, organ, tissue.
Complications within 1 year if untreated Doesn’t have Has
Complications within 5 years if untreated Doesn’t have Has
Previously illness Doesn’t have Has
Hereditary predisposition Doesn’t have Has
Mathematical analysis of changes of health state according to age, sex and violations at this moment.
Biological activity of the micro flora (by amount of present micro-organisms) Doesn’t have Has
Activity of microflora established with 6 point gomotoxicosis scale of the system to identify microorganisms: very low, low, compensated, increasing, high, very high.
Acid-alkaline balance (the level of PH balance allows to detect micro-organisms) Doesn’t have Has
Studies of German scientists have proved the existence of changes in tissue PH in case of presence of microorganisms. PH Studies conducted in the urine, blood and saliva. Testing to detect of microorganisms.
Level of changes in the organ (functional load – without changes or structural changes – nonreversible) Doesn’t have Has
Show the level of changes in an organ: the functional load – it is possible to restore functions of organ; the structural changes – need to maintain state of the organ at the highest good level, while not depleting it. In addition there is an information about complications of this condition if untreated.
The direction of treatment (for each organ individually) Doesn’t have Has
What treatment should be prescribed at this moment to improve the stage of certain organ, or system, or organism.
Feeding of patient due to blood group (recommendations) Doesn’t have Has
Compatibility of the most famous food and blood group of patient. Used in the monitoring and approval of American scientist-doctor naturopath PETER D-ADAMO.
Bioresonance impact frequency compensation
1. frequency compensation ( surface )
2. Deep bioresonace therapy (BRT)
1. Bioresonance doesn’t enter deeply into the tissue of the organ, additionally forms an image of health. 2. Operator create a corridor for a deep impact to the tissues.
Biorhythms of patient for 1 month Doesn’t have Has
The calculation is done automatically by date of birth. Take into account the physical, emotional days of activity or recession, unfavourable days.
Block of feedback with the patient Doesn’t have
Imitated by photosensors in the headphones.
Doesn’t allow a patient to turn away from the monitor screen stopping survey.
Block of detection of faults Doesn’t have Has


In addition, here additional advantages of Sensitiv Imago:

  1. Possibility to get free online presentation of possibilities of device;
  2. Possibility to get high-quality online-training, as well as to fix any problem with device via Internet online. We have full detailed instructions – how to prepare for such online connection;
  3. Free and often software updates;
  4. After 5 days personal training – free support and consultations during all period of warranty term;
  5. We also can offer to purchase Sensitiv Imago equipment in instalment.


What is Sensitiv Imago?

Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy
Sale Consultant : Mr Mark

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