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Oberon NlS System Price

Oberon NlS System manaul?

OBERONNLS diagnostic device- The device for telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing “Oberon” was developed in Russia.
Operation of the device is summarized in detecting divergences between the input and outputsignals on different frequencies, and the program which is included in the complex, selects themost similar etalons of this or that process. Naturally, the measurements accuracy depends on thequality of equipment, and accuracy of classification of the process occurring in the body dependson conformity of the data acquired by instrumentation to statistical data (etalons). Theresponsibility for the diagnosis lies on the operator, that is on a medically educated person.The principles of operation of the«OBERON»-apparatus that is related to the class of «brainmachines» (metatrons)are based on the basic postulates of theVan Hoventheory of quantumentropy logic. In accordance with the quantum entropy logic theory the exchange of informationbetween the systems is carriedout distally, associatively and selectively, at the expense of quantaof electromagnetic radiation that possess energy adequate to the energy of the disintegration of bonds of the system elementary structure.The principle of the entropy logic theory allows to ascertain that in physical systems, in thecourse of information exchange, unstable (metastable) conditions occur under which aprobability of their disintegration increases significantly. The intensity of information exchangeof two information-exchanging systems A and B increases as the order in either of these systemsgets disturbed. The degree of orderliness of any system is equivalent to the quantity of information it contains; therefore, the order destruction in one of the systems (A) with a paralleltransfer of the information to the second system (B) delineates the law of conservation of information postulated by the theory of quantum entropy logic. The theory of entropy logicestablished that these statements are true in terms of physics only if A- and B-systems arequantum systems, and the aggregate of A and B parts may be characterized by one quantumstate. This stipulates the availability of initially existing information exchange that occurs priorto the destruction of one of the systems and this, within the framework of the entropy logic,combines both parts in a single quantum system since this complies with the effect of Einstein -Rosen – Podolski.The theory of quantum entropy logic makes it possible to explain many of the details of fundamental psychophysical mechanisms that are involved in the long-distance transfer of information between two objects spaced from one another. The theory reveals mechanisms thatform associativity, information selectivity and other characteristics of an exotic channel of datatransfer like this.

The apparatus operates on the basis of amplifying an initiating signal at thedisintegration of metastable structures. Under the action of external magnetic field magneticmoments of molecular currents in the admixture centers of cortex nerve cells lose their initialorientation, and because of this, spin structures of delocalized electrons get disordered, thusresulting in the occurrence in them of unstable metastable conditions with their disintegrationMorell and Schimmel; the Indian Yaju – Veda and the charkas spin theory ; phytotherapy andmany other methods of healing.Theoretical and experimental work that has made it possible to produce the
“Oberon” (Oberon-spectrum, Oberon-Spectrum-M, Oberon-Solo, Oberon-4009, Oberon-4011)system – a non-linear quantum generator- which was initiated by Nikola Tesla, a man of genius in electronics atthe end of the nineteenth century. Other scientists who are worth mentioning later carried on thiswork. J. Lakhovsky, an outstanding French researcher, studied the effects of radio frequencies onanimal health and plant conditions. The American scientist of genius, R. Rife conducted researchnot only on the effects of radio frequencies but also on the effects of electrical frequencies on thehuman biofield. In 1950 in Germany R. Folle discovered and worked out a system of electricallytesting the acupuncture points of the human body. Unlike Folles’ electro-puncture diagnosismethod in which the energy potentials of organs and systems are measured through biologicallyactive points (BAP) which affect the bodies condition indirectly and (often with considerableerror).TheNLS methodof analysis makes an evaluation of the organ’ s condition directly due to theresonance amplification of the radiation signal of the organ under investigation using a non-invasive trigger sensor. Every organ and every cell has it’s own distinctive oscillations which arestored in the computer memory and can be displayed on screen as a graph, which represents theconditions of the information exchange between the organ (tissue) and the environment.Every pathological process also has it’s own distinctive graph stored in the computer memorywith all the progressive stages shown with age, sex and other variations taken into account.


Afterreading the frequency characteristics of the biological process under investigation, the systemcompares the degree of their spectral similarity with healthy, and pathologically affected tissue,or infection agents, to obtain the closest pathological process or tendency.By combining these processes a virtual diagnosis can be achieved and a different diagnosis madefor each process.Another wonderful opportunity offered byNLS-analysisis medicinal testing. The investigationsystem provides a unique opportunity of recording the frequency fluctuations of any preparationand adding them to the many thousands already held in the database. The system then searchesfor a remedy that has the closest spectral characteristic of thepathological process and selects themost efficient remedy.In the light of what has just been said, any disease can be represented as a disturbance of theharmonic synchronization in any biological object. The disturbance may be brought about bydifferent causes that in turn can be regarded as disharmonic electromagnetic oscillations causingblocks (noise), which interferes with the normal functioning of the body. It is now possible toeliminate these disharmonic oscillations by applying the laws of physics. In this case the simplestway would be to use electromagnetic oscillations with the opposite sign in order that thealgebraic sum of the disharmonic and inverted electromagnetic oscillations would become equalto zero.Guided by these conclusions in the mid 70’s, Dr. F. Morell together with another electronicengineer E.Rachet invented a method and a device called ‘MoRa’. The method of informationtherapy (META-therapy)
is a further advancement of the ‘MoRa’ method of solving the problemof restoring the body’s normal functioning in the cases of acute or chronic diseases.META-therapy
is a means of influencing the body through a combination of differently modulatedelectromagnetic oscillations emitted from the“Oberon” (Oberon-spectrum, Oberon-Spectrum-M, Oberon-Solo, Oberon-4009, Oberon-4011…) system. The scientists at theInstitute then became interested in the experiments of Prof. S. Smith of Manchester Universitywho had proved that water could ‘remember’ the coherent frequencies to who’s radiation it wasexposed, in a variable magnetic field, and retain in it’s structure the information about thosefrequencies for a certain period of time.This means that an effective correction of the disturbed balance, within the body, can be made bymeans of information recorded on a matrix. Information preparations (metazones) are specificcombinations of coherent frequencies chosen by the computer and are used to provide ready-made dosage forms with a direct effect. They are produced by means of the apparatus thattransfers the frequency (spectral) information taken from the pathology nidus into a matrix(water, alcohol, or lactose), to be used in the course of treatment.The metazones have the effect of awakening the body’s own hidden reserves, which accounts forthe wide area of influence of the preparations and the absence of harmful side effects whenprescribed with conventional remedies.METHODSCOMPARISON Unlike NMR and computer tomography, the NLS-analysis does not need high intensity fields.The method seems to have good prospects for metabolism studies, particularly on a cell level. Of all methods of hardware-based diagnostics the NLS provides representations most proximate to apathologicoanatomic picture. This feature of the method along with its harmlessness, promotesrapid development of the NLS-diagnostics.We provided hereinafter for comparison’s sake the outcomes of different diagnostic methodsused alongside with the
NLS-analysis. The following designators are used as the functionalityscale:Level of a latentcapacityAsthenia of regulatorysystemsCompensated failuresof the adaptation mechanism.Level of optimalregulation.Shift of characteristics to ahigher level, strain condition of regulatory systems.Decompensation of adaptation mechanism,expressed morbid conditions.OBERON METAMARK diagnostic devicesdon’t have analogues in the world and allow toshow all deviations of health of the person on change of wave characteristics of fabrics andorgans of an organism.This equipment allows to spend diagnostics of the earliest forms of diseases, to revealpredisposition to diseases. The systems of nonlinear diagnostics based on the spectral analysis of vortical magnetic fields of alive organisms give a fine opportunity to receive the fullestinformation about a state of health at the initial stages of occurrence of diseases.Such early andexact diagnostics
can not be lead in any other ways, for example ultrasonic, acomputer tomography or any other methods of medical device diagnostics, which can find outonly already quite generated pathological process.

OBERON METAMARK hardware-software complexes
allow not only to fix theinformation of electromagnetic fields of alive organisms, but also to present it on the screen of the monitor in the form of virtual dynamic model of bodies in the certain colors. Such realimages of alive bodies of the person enable not only to spend superearly diagnostics, but also tooperate a homeostasis actively.OBERON METAMARK NLS-diagnostic systemsare unique also because they can appointitself optimum treatment to any disease. When you spend computer comparison on spectralcharacteristics of corresponding sick bodies, the computer simultaneously make comparison withall available in memory spectral characteristics of medical preparations, and systems “Introspect”at the same time reveal the most effective means for each concrete disease.The work of devices is reduced to revealing a divergence of an entrance/target signal on thecertain frequencies, individual for each body depending on the sex and age of the patient, and theprogram entering into a complex, selects the most similar standards of this or that process.Naturally, accuracy of measurement depends on quality of the equipment, and accuracy of classification of process proceeded in an organism depends on conformity of data received bythe equipment with statistical given (standards). The doctor, who does the diagnostic, isresponcible for the correct reading of the data and for right statement of the exact diagnosis.Computer specificationTo operate the system you need a computer with these specifications or higher:OBERON-11 S/SL:Operating system: MS 98, Windows XPProcessor: Up to Pentium-4 1200 MHz, Up to Pentium mobile 1,4 GHz.Hard disc: minimum 800 Mb of free disc space,Memory: Cash – 512 kB, RAM – 256 Mb (512 Mb or higher is preferable),Screen: 14 inches or higher, 1024:768 or higher. If it is possible do not use wide screens.Ports: 1 USB-port, 1 COM-portGraphics: minimum 64 Mb, preferable 256 MB or higher internal graphic memory.CD-ROM: required.You also need a workspace without interference from other electromagnetic fields.While carrying out the diagnostics please put off all metal devices from your body. Also ask patientsabout cardio stimulators which can influence to the results of diagnos

What price Oberon NlS System price list?

Metatron TG  7876-4021
Metapathia 3 EMERALD
Metatron TG  7876-4025
Internal generator frequency
4,9  GHZ
4,9  GHz
Incoming signal filter
Resonance chamber (Writing/Reading)
Diagnostics accuracy
Anatomic structures
Histological virtual models
Cytological and genetic structures
PC connecting cable
Packing suitcase
Registration certificate
7876-4021 SO
7876-4025 SO
User’s manual (DVD)
9800 EUR
12500 EUR


Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy
Sale Consultant : Mr Mark

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