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What is oberon quantum?

Prevent disease with a biorezonance analysis of your organism! Oberon belongs to one of the most modern instruments.
I work with the device remotely !!! Energy diagnostics and biorezonance quantum therapy!

Orders by phone, just dial, call back. Clients from abroad by email.

It is very sensitive and accurate, based on biorezonance, displays various energy disorders and loads in the body, both psychic and physical.
It shows the current physical state of the individual organs and the infectious deposits, if they are in the body at the energy level.
determines the pH of the organism
displays chromosome status.
Suggests which foods and food supplements are suitable for a person, what vitamins, homeopathic remedies or herbs need to be delivered to the body.
It identifies which pathogens are found in the body and what allergens are inappropriate for the test body.
Shows where the imbalance begins in the body of the client and alerts you to what to look out for and what can be prevented in the future.
Through analysis, the parasite, microbe, yeast, fungus strains are identified by the organism, where they are most concentrated.
Can locate inflammatory deposits in individual organs
It evaluates the stage of damage to cells, organs and tissues


How oberon quantum work?


The first consultation takes about 1.5 – 2 hours (depending on the client’s health).


Before the analysis itself, you need to complete a short questionnaire about your health.


Then, the Oberon system analyzes the Quantum system.


During a personal visit, the client is seated in a chair, with a sensing strap on his hands and can watch the scan of his body on the screen.


If I work remotely, I switch to telemetry and everything is the same as when the client is personally on the device.


Everything is absolutely painless and safe.
Pre-Examination Recommendations:


It is not advisable to drink alcohol 24 hours before
It is not advisable to smoke about 2 hours before
It is not advisable to drink coffee 1 hour before
If possible, do not use food supplements the day before
Women should not menstruate at the time of scanning


The device does not radiate the body. It is suitable for children from 3 years of age. The device does not replace medical care and medical examination.


The results and evaluation that Oberon evaluates will be sent to the client by e-mail within 2-3 days of the consultation.


Biorezonanční terapie


If, after a health condition analysis, you can see on the results that the body is energetically depleted and some health problems are significant, it is advisable to carry out the Oberon 4-10 Biorezonation Therapies (Paid Service). Therapies are treated by electromagnetic waves in the body and thus activating self-healing processes of the body. The device works with signals from a particular client, energises the organs and activates them.


After completing biorezonance and eventual health promotion with food supplements, I recommend parasite cleansing using a plasma generator.

oberon quantum Function and operation principle:


The device works according to the principle of amplification of initiated signals with the disintegration of metastable structures. By influencing external electromagnetic fields, the magnetic moments of molecular currents in the added centers of the cortex nerve cells lose their original orientation, resulting in erroneous equipment of the swollen structures of the delocalized electrons, causing unstable metastable states. Disintegration of these states acts as an initialized signal. Expressed physically, this device is an electronic oscillator system that oscillates with the corresponding wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. When its energy is adequate with the energy degrading the dominant bonds that keep the structural organization of biological objects in good condition. The device allows for the bioelectric activity of brain neurons, by means of this activity it is possible in the background to selectively amplify signals that are difficult to detect in comparison to static currents. Information on specific temporal states of organs and tissues is collected on the baseline of the non-contact triger sensor developed by modern information technology and micro ultrasound circuits. This sensor detects hard-to-detect signal fluctuations that filter out field sounds and convert them into a digital sequence where they are treated with a microprocessor and transmitted via a cable interface to a computer.










Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy
Sale Consultant : Mr Mark

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