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The New Hunter 4025 NLS: A Revolutionary Health Diagnosis System

The New Hunter 4025 NLS: A Revolutionary Health Diagnosis System
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New Hunter 4025 NLS New Hunter 4025 NLS New Hunter 4025 NLS New Hunter 4025 NLS New Hunter 4025 NLS


The minimum requirements that a compatible computer must have are:

Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/8/10;
Processor: at least 1 GHz Pentium III
Random access memory: 512 Mb;
Video card: SVGA High Color 1024×768 at least 8 Mb;
Printer (color);
At least 1 GB of free space on the hard drive;
Two USB ports;
Uninterruptible power supply


Theoretical and experimental work that has made it possible to produce the “Metatron” system – a nonlinear

quantum generator – which was initiated by Nikola Tesla, a man of genius in electronics at the end of the

nineteenth century. Other scientists who are worth mentioning later carried on this work. J.


Lakhovsky, an outstanding French researcher, studied the effects of radio frequencies on animal health and

plant conditions. The American scientist of genius R. Rife conducted research not only on the effects of radio

frequencies but also on the effects of electrical frequencies on the human bio-field. In 1950 in Germany R. Folle

discovered and worked out a system of electrically testing the acupuncture points of the human body

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Simply saying, it is an advanced Non-Invasive Diagnostic Device for physical examination & analysis system,

using the light wave resonance to scan and detect the functional status of the Human body or to trace the

gradually formed abnormal conditions up to the eight levels: entire organ, tissue, cell, nucleus, chromosome,

DNA helix, ultrastructure or molecule, then provides treatment.

• Latest Professional Metatron NLS System

• NLS Bioresonance Diagnostic and Therapy Device

• Metapathia GR Hunter Software




Product name Metatron hunter 4025 NLS
Function Health diagnosis and therapy
Operating system Windows 7/8/10
Topics More than 90 items
Language version English/German/Spanish etc
Warranty One Year
Color Silver
Certificate CE
Weight 4.5KG
Package Size 48*65*13
Payment Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Credit Card
Transportation method DHL/UPS/FEDEX/EMS
Shipping time 3-7 days

New Hunter 4025 NLS

Main machine 1 PC
Headphone Sensor 1 PC
Blue USB cable 1 PC
Black connecting Cable 2 PC
Testing Cup 1 PC
USB doogle for software 1 PC
DVD software 1 PC
Aluminum box 1 PC

A Brief History

For centuries, people have sought ways to diagnose illnesses and diseases accurately. The first diagnostic tool was the examination of the body by touch, which involved feeling for symptoms of infections or inflammation. Over time, doctors began to add other techniques to their arsenal, such as listening for abnormal sounds in the body with stethoscopes and taking X-rays. In the early 21st century, the development of the Hunter 4025 NLS marked a turning point in diagnostic technology. This device uses advanced software to create a 3D virtual model of the patient’s body, which allows for the detection of health problems in real-time.

How it Works

The Hunter 4025 NLS works by sending a harmless electromagnetic signal to the body. The body responds to this signal by creating its own electromagnetic response, which the device detects and analyzes. This analysis is then cross-referenced with a database of known health conditions, allowing the device to identify any issues that the patient may be experiencing.

Advantages of Using the Hunter 4025 NLS

1. Non-invasive: The device is entirely non-invasive, meaning that it does not require any bodily fluids or tissue samples to operate.

 2. Faster Diagnosis: The Hunter 4025 NLS can identify health problems in real-time, resulting in faster and more accurate diagnoses.

3. No Radiation: Unlike X-rays, the device does not expose patients to harmful radiation.
4. Cost-effective: The device is more affordable than many invasive diagnostic techniques.

5. Easy to Use: The software is user-friendly and easy to operate.

Who Needs the Hunter 4025 NLS?

The Hunter 4025 NLS is useful for anyone who is concerned about their health. It is especially beneficial for people who are experiencing unexplained symptoms or who have a family history of medical conditions.


1. Preventative Care: The device can detect potential health problems before they become serious, allowing for proactive treatment and prevention

. 2. Chronic Disease Management: The Hunter 4025 NLS can monitor chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, and alert healthcare providers to any changes or complications.
3. Alternative Medicine: The device can be used in conjunction with alternative therapies, such as acupuncture or herbal medicine, to monitor their effectiveness.
 4. Personalized Treatment: The device can create a personalized treatment plan based on the patient’s unique health profile.

 5. Research: The data collected by the Hunter 4025 NLS can contribute to medical research, leading to better understanding and treatment of various health conditions.
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