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Why oberon system 4021?

What oberon system 4021

The OBERON® System 4021 is a system that makes body frequencies non-linear.
While hitherto recognized paradigms operate according to the cause-effect principle in the sense of a mechanistic world-image according to Newton, the new “information medicine” based on quantum-physical causes also relies on probabilities.

Based on this new model, the OBERON® system 4021 succeeded in producing a holistic treatment and analysis approach, which can be described as a breakthrough in every form.

Through the use of a powerful, modern technology, it has become possible to increase the accuracy by a multiple.

The OBERON® system 4021 uses the specific vibration characteristics of the respective tissue frequencies to determine the geometrical location of the test objects. The results are depicted on a virtual anatomical organ model using different colors and symbols. Each dysbalance has its own frequency diagram. In the database, a huge number of these processes were stored for two decades in a direct comparison with the currently measured test object.
Presentation and evaluation

The OBERON® system 4021 allows a comprehensive evaluation of the measured vibrations. From this, the OBERON® system 4021 suggests the most likely comparison patterns based on the database entries. The relevant loads are also displayed. In addition, the best possibilities for re-balancing are listed immediately, arranged according to the degree of their effectiveness.

Everything in life is vibration (Albert Einstein). We humans also consist of differently compacted vibrations. All vibrations have an influence on our own, naturally harmonious electromagnetic field.
The matter consists of mass, energy and information. That each organ system, ie, organ, tissue, cell, chromosome, and molecule, has a characteristic pattern of vibrations. A healthy body vibrates in a certain way, a sick body whose information flow is blocked, vibrates “differently”. The OBERON® system 4021 uses the NLS method to measure the deviations of the vibration structures and assign these medical symptoms.
Not only disease causes and their influence on the body are recorded, but also the effect of the performed therapies can be reproduced. Thus, it is seen which loads (e.g., bacteria, viruses, foods, tooth materials, etc.) or deficiencies (e.g., vitamins, trace elements, etc.) can lead to health problems.

The OBERON® system 4021 can also represent the expected outcomes of a particular measure in relation to the determined process.

By means of a special function, the OBERON® system 4021 is able to emit external means, which are not stored as a vibration in the database.

Important note: The OBERON® system 4021 belongs to the field of alternative medicine as well as the natural healing methods as well as, for example, homeopathy, acupuncture and other procedures. Within these fields the OBERON® system 4021 has proved its worth in practice. In school medicine, on the other hand, the OBERON® system 4021 is not subject to scientific research and is therefore not recognized. The OBERON® diagnosis or the content of this website can not replace a medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment.
Benefits for the OBERON user

Quick and easy analysis
General time gain in the daily patient care by whole body scan
The OBERON® system 4021 measures independently while you have time for a detailed patient interview
Changes can be comprehensively compiled from measurement to measurement
Your therapist profile gains through obvious participation in the latest medical technology (NLS = non-linear system analysis)
The use of NLS diagnostics makes it possible to focus on the cause of the problem in the shortest possible time
The measurement principles on which the OBERON® system 4021 is based are based on solid ground in physics (quantum physics and entropy evaluation)
The technology of the OBERON® system 4021 is absolutely future-oriented (information medicine), matured and Europe-wide certified according to the German Medical Devices Act (MPG) class IIa
Patients can be motivated to participate actively by demonstrating the results of the analysis
Through the daily new experiences with the OBERON® system 4021, the existing therapeutic knowledge potentials are rapidly expanded


oberon system 4021 Advantages and chances of the NLS approach

The MNLS method is easy, swift and non-invasive for the client

The devices are easy to handle.
The OBERON®-System measures autonomously and precisely.
Gain of time in the individual, personal care of patients.
The measurement is non-invasive and provides for a broad acceptance with your clients and patients
Through the visual presentation clients can be motivated much better to contribute actively.
An excellent supplement to modern approaches which you already work with.
Safety through continuous certification by authorised certifying bodies (more information here)


oberon system 4021 Traning

With every “OBERON” device we sell, OBERON SERVICE POLSKA offers the possibility of taking part in our lecture series: “Bio-resonance diagnostic and therapy.” The lecture series includes a thorough examination of the equipment functions in order that participants become fully conversant with the operation of our machines. The aim of schooling is the transfer of detail information about our machines, with our presenters demonstrating diagnostic methods using “OBERON” machines as well as practical sessions for participants. On completion of the course each participant will receive a certificate in accordance with European standards. Schooling for clients is free of charge. The course lasts 14 hours.

oberon system 4021 Guarantee

Machines bearing the “OBERON” brand are recognised and approved as durable and high quality products with quality standards confirmed annually by a range of Institutions. OBERON SERVICE POLSKA provides a 24 months guarantee to customers on all “OBERON” products. Our guarantee includes repair and if appropriate, replacement of defective equipment.

Funding oberon system 4021


On account of our wide range of products and different funding possibilities, OBERON SERVICE POLSKA always aims to provide the right solutions tailored to each customer’s requirements.

oberon system 4021 Reimbursement Guarantee

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust. We do everything to ensure our clients receive the best service. However, if customers are not entirely satisfied with their purchase we offer the possibility to return OBERON products within 14 days of purchase. The device must be returned to us in working order and in its original packaging.

oberon system 4021 Price

Metatron TG  7876-4021
Metapathia 3 EMERALD
Metatron TG  7876-4025
Internal generator frequency
4,9  GHZ
4,9  GHz
Incoming signal filter
Resonance chamber (Writing/Reading)
Diagnostics accuracy
Anatomic structures
Histological virtual models
Cytological and genetic structures
PC connecting cable
Packing suitcase
Registration certificate
7876-4021 SO
7876-4025 SO
User’s manual (DVD)
9800 EUR
12500 EUR

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Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy
Sale Consultant : Mr Mark

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