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9d nls bioplasma Why We Use

9d nls bioplasma Why We Use
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What is 9d nls bioplasma analyzer?

9d nls bioplasma

The 9d nls bioplasma analyzer can research: Complex Analysis of all organs and systems of the human body The cardiovascular system Gastro-intestinal tract Genital-urinary system Musculoskeletal system Bronchi-pulmonary system The endocrine system Visual and hearing aids/organs The nervous system Biochemical analysis of blood without interference Infection in the organs and systems – viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths infection, etc. (staphylococci and streptococci, giardiasis, trichomonas, chlamydia, urea plasma, and so on) Qualitative assessment of hormone levels, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads Level of immunity Allergy’ diagnosis (complex tests up to 500 allergens) Medical testing (individual selection of drugs) Chromosomal diagnosis Laboratory Analysis (blood counts, biochemical parameters, hormones, trace elements) Treatment of pathological processes identified by the bio resonance therapy (meta-therapy). The treatment method litho-therapy (spectral frequencies individually selected minerals) Fear. Emotional Matrix, relationship Matrix.

9d nls bioplasma

How does 9d nls bioplasma work?

9d nls bioplasma Systems-According to Professor Sviatoslav P. Nesterov, any disease can be represented as a deviation from the harmonic oscillation in regulatory processes in the biological object.The 9d nls bioplasma provides the most unique tool for scanning the various organs and systems of the physical body without having to make a medical or surgical intrusion. Developed by Russian s cientists since the early 1990’s, the 9d nls bioplasma is the most revolutionary computer programmed invention available in the world today for analyzing and treating all the body’s organs and functions.

(1) This is the basis of all NLS 9d nls bioplasma and quantum medicine systems, including those of Metavital. It is not about esotericism but about physics and technology. The development of quantum physics / quantum medicine and the high computer capacities of modern computers, as used in the Metavital 9d nls bioplasma System, make it possible to identify the conditions that correspond to a certain degree of entropy of the bioobject). These are compared to the spectrum of many computer entropy states of other subjects.

(2) It seems that various influences (diet, stress, stress, environment) transform the originally harmonious vibrations in bio-objects into disharmonious ones. The more pronounced the deviation from the harmonic state, the more pronounced is the pathological process and the greater the deviation from the optimal functional state. By measuring the existing vibration, the oscillation needed for regulation can be applied with the 9d nls bioplasma MNLS technology via the optoelectronic trigger sensors (headphones) Among other things, the connection between quantum physics, quantum medicine and Western medicine is difficult, because conventional medicine works predominantly with the traditional cause-and-effect principle, while information technology based on modern quantum physics is characterized above all by probabilities.
The data obtained in this way are in good agreement with conventional methods such as ultrasound, CT, or MRI.

(3) Thus, the 9d nls bioplasma of Metavital is a serious scientific technology, not esotericism. 9d nls bioplasma MNLS does not replace the established diagnostic devices, but supplements them in certain areas.
The device “sees” with the eyes of the body – it gives indications where the body “struggles” and has problems with it. Two different people respond to different stresses, such as an influenza virus, varying degrees. 9d nls bioplasma does not evaluate absolute measurement data, but analyzes the respective situation and gives the therapist hints that he can use as the basis for his diagnosis and therapy. In this individualization of diagnosis and therapy is its peculiarity and the big advantage. To put it clearly again: not the 9d nls bioplasma device provides diagnoses or therapies, but the doctor and therapist. The 9d nls bioplasma device is only a tool for diagnosis. The decision as to which further measures must be taken is always made by the therapist, who as a rule uses further analysis methods. This is medical care and not esotericism.

The level and characteristic of pathology is detected by a disturbance in the communication flow between the cells and the integrated relations between various organs of the body. 9d nls bioplasma offers four different spectral views on these characterizations.
The Energetic View

Displays a set of equidistant dipoles that represent an organ’s energy state at individual points of measurement. The Energetic View represents a snapshot of an organ at the time point of measurement.
The Equilibrium Spectrum

Represents the dynamic regulatory characteristics of an organ. It focuses on long-term disorders in the organism and allows distinguishing acute from chronic processes.

The Entropy Spectrum

Shows the level of expression and the kinetics of a disease.

The NLS Spectrum

Utilized exclusively for oncology and helps to characterize the dynamics of carcinoma processes.

Overview of Information analyzed with the NLS


Biochemical Homeostasis



Microorganisms and Helminths




Nutriceuticals and Parapharmaceuticals


What is 9d nls bioplasma Bioresonance Scientific basis?


According to the results of modern cybernetics, the following principle is applicable: the more complex the systems, the more dominating are the laws of interplay.Such complex systems, e.g. human beings, have a considerably high degree of self-regulation and self-healing abilities. The self-regulation forces can be induced precisely and only through weak therapeutic stimuli since they do not affect the system integrity or the balance of the system.Deterministic chaos, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and dissipative structures Living open systems are non-equilibrium systems at all biological, chemical and physical levels, their development is irreversible and they normally do not have a linear behaviour.Minor changes in the causes or initial conditions of process flows may result in significant changes in effects (“butterfly effects”). The supply of signal energy or negative entropy (order, information) leads to new spatial and temporal order formation (e.g. biological rhythms) in the already formed living system.


Living systems comprise electromagnetic antenna systems (atoms, biomolecules, membranes, cells, etc.) that simultaneously act as transmitters and receivers.Living systems can be influenced using static and dynamic electromagnetic fields (electromagnetic waves and oscillations) in the entire frequency range and even with extremely low power flux densities. Enzyme activities can be influenced using frequencies in the optical spectral range (1014 range) and extremely low frequency ranges (10 Hz range). Living systems communicate with the inner elements and also with the living and dead environment using their electromagnetic oscillation fields.An example – the coherence theory of biophotons (Fritz-Albert Popp): Physical properties of this extremely weak light radiation from cells and organisms (e.g. broadband LASER light) and many experimental-biological results make it evident that this special light is used for internal and external communication in living systems.

Structure of water

Water, the decisive element for life, can be influenced by weak, coherent electromagnetic fields over a period and is therefore a storage and transfer medium for such fields.

Basic regulation system

All specific organ cells are embedded into the soft connective tissue. It is the transit route of nutrition supply, disposal of metabolic end products, the hormonal and neural information transfer. It connects all elements with all other elements in the organism (e.g. a tooth with a lever). It functions locally and, if required, globally. The electromagnetic condition of this system is a decisive factor. It is an intermediary substrate of static and dynamic electromagnetic mutual reactions in an organism. The basic regulation system is the primary regulation system of human beings.

As per modern scientific knowledge, living systems distinguish themselves with the following characteristics:
• They normally have high self-regulation ability.
• They normally have high sensitivity.
• As a rule, only weak stimuli of self-regulation are usable as otherwise they result in blockages.
• Weak stimuli can normally result in major effects. Not the strength of the stimulus, but its precision, i.e. their resonance with the inner recipient system, is decisive.
• Biomolecules, cells, etc. are sensitive electromagnetic antenna systems (transmitters and receivers). They are sensitive to weak electromagnetic fields. Not the strength, but the correct information, i.e. their resonance or bioresonance with biological antenna systems, is decisive.

The biophysical level

Information transfers through extremely weak electromagnetic field like those used therapeutically in the NLS bioresonance therapy may have distinct effects on living systems. Prevailing researches on bioelectromagnetism and numerous research results have indubitably confirmed this.The Biostar-NLS system is an informative catalyst (accelerator) for self-regulation and uses a) the retro-reflection of inverted (mirrored), weak electromagnetic oscillations of a human being and b) externally fed electromagnetic oscillations of bioactive substances and colours.The conventional medicine therapy is a special case of the bioresonance therapy. In bioresonance therapy, information is directly transferred to human beings or animals using electromagnetic fields. In the medicine therapy, these fields are “bonded” with substances. These electromagnetic fields are the biophysical, effective principle. The material aspect of the medicine therapy plays an important role in field stabilisation and localisation.Over the decades, bioelectromagnetism, i.e. the existence of electromagnetic fields in living systems, has been studied by numerous scientific research groups.​
This research work has resulted in a uniform picture: Sub-atomic particles (electrons, cores, etc.), atoms, molecules, sub-cellular parts (membranes, enzymes, hormones), cells and units of these physical, chemical and biological modules of life function as transmitters and receivers of electromagnetic waves. Coherent (structured), electromagnetic fields are formed in all spatial areas (… molecule areas, … cell areas, …human area) and they regulate life-activity in coordination with the material structures at a biophysical, biochemical and biological level. For example, the entire biochemical process flows in a regulation unit are presumably connected with electromagnetic program structures (or Electromagnetic fields).

Electromagnetic fields are a causal and integral element of life. They are not mere accompanying symptoms from the point of view of meaningless by-products of life-activity. As per these perceptions, healthiness at an underlying biophysical level is the flexible, cooperative bonding of all electromagnetic oscillations (i.e. optimal communication) in a human being.

Illness means the isolation of oscillations from the original oscillation system. These isolated, rigid oscillations (“pathological oscillations”) indicate the lack of communication and therefore regulative blockages or illness. This may affect the entire electromagnetic program structures.

The endogenous bioresonance therapy displaces the inherent patient oscillations after inverting (reflection) itself. This leads to the integration of isolated oscillations into the communicative oscillation system and subsequently removes regulative, communicative blockages (informative autocatalysis).
The exogenous bioresonance therapy displaces the inner oscillation field of substance oscillations from the outside to stimulate the integration of isolated, “pathological” oscillations (informative external catalysis).

The biological-medicinal level

The conception of illness should first be stated more precisely. As far as human nutrition, hygiene and miscellaneous habits as per the principle of proper moderation are concerned, the symptoms of the disease are a consequence of regulative blockages as regards the internal and external problems in information transfer and/or communication which may grow stronger morphologically over a period.

The reasons can be external material strains (enteromycosis, amalgam strain, geopathic strain, pollution due to heavy metals, dental foci, scar foci, etc.), and “negative“ emotional (psychological) states (psychosomatic diseases in wider sense). Constitutional weaknesses (in wider sense) of the person concerned also contribute towards this.

The NLS bioresonance therapy can improve constitutional weaknesses, divert external material strains and also have a positive effect on emotional blockages to ensure that the self-regulation system functions without any problem.
Biological “ageing” is not considered to be a disease.

Numerous controlled researches corroborate the effectiveness of the NLS bioresonance therapy at clinical and biological levels.

The practical application level

The NLS bioresonance therapy aids the self-regulation capabilities of a human being. Undesired side effects have not been observed until now.
It can normally be used for all types of diseases and also as a supplement for infants as well as old people provided these diseases do not concern internal-medical or surgical emergencies.

In practical application, the main focus is on functional diseases, psychosomatic diseases, allergies/indigestibility, pains, rheumatic and chronic diseases that can sometimes be treated conventionally only with unreasonable side effects.
Only a few therapy sessions are required for acute diseases. Longer or long-term therapy is required in case of chronic diseases depending on the individual initial situation.

This therapy method can be used for animals and plants as well.


Prior to purchasing a medical device, it is advisable to research precisely what is being purchased, in particular whether or not the device meets all safety requirements and accreditations from an independent body. Purchasing medical equipment carries responsibilities for the manufacturer, retailer, the buyer, and the patient. Purchasing a fake or modified device can have devastating consequences. Only purchase medical equipment from authorised retailers with medical professionals as part of their staff.

Carefully read contents of booklets, brochures and web-pages. Pay special attention to information about distributor/manufacturer of offered products. Information materials that you have must indicate name of a company, name of a responsible person from that company, legal address, contact phone numbers and electronic addresses.

When contact information is obtained of such company, communicate with the staff of this company and make sure that the company really does exist, and that they are an authorised distributor / representative of the manufacturer.

Ask the distributor / manufacturer of the product about the history of its creation and development – for example: who created the product, where and when it was clinically tested, where and when safety records were conducted, what models were produced in the past, and what models are planned to be produced, etc. Try to check received information.

Prior to purchase, obtain a contract with a binding offer from the distributor in which a detailed description and delivery is clearly communicated concerning the proposed equipment. Confirm training by a medical professional is a part of the proposal, as well as after sales support. The following documents must be provided together with a device:

passport of manufacturing plant,
user’s manual,

When buying a system with the “Metatron” trademark with software similar by appearance and name to products of the IPP LLC, or at a price much lower than market price, or not from authorised representatives of the IPP LLC, or if any other doubts arise, it is recommended to contact NLS Australasia for clarification.

When purchasing a system from other manufacturers and with other trademarks, distinct from “Metatron™”, containing however software similar by appearance and name to products of the IPP, it is recommended to contact us for clarification.

Should the price include training courses on system handling, make sure that the distributor / manufacturer, or any other authorized person has the necessary medical competence and experience to provide the training. It is advisable to obtain certifications from persons graduated from such training courses. The same rules are applicable for separate training courses, extension courses, etc.
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