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How to 9d nls vector in 60 Minutes or Less

How to 9d nls vector in 60 Minutes or Less
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How to 9d nls vector in 60 Minutes or Less

9d nls bioplasma

What 9D NLS Vector

NLS diagnostic devices are based on the spectral analysis of rotating magnetic fields of living organisms and provide full information about the patient’s health status or possibly the initial signs of disease symptoms. NLS provides full information about the state of health and the first symptoms of the disease, which can not be determined at this early stage by any other diagnostic methods (ultrasound, x-ray, computed tomography and others). Numerous experiments and experiments have confirmed the close link between magnetic fields and biological systems, which are used in biological systems as a way of externally and intracellularly. The spinning magnetic field plays an important role in the process of transmitting information and interacting with biological systems.

Rebalances the body so that it can start to heal itself!
Makes intrusive and embarrassing examinations a THING OF THE PAST !!!!
Quick examination (in seconds) with immediate results
Replaces dozens of traditional diagnostic methods.
Finds weaknesses in the skeleton, organs, blood, tissue, etc.
There are no side effects, unpleasantness or injury after treatment
Bio – resonance META -therapy
The VECTOR NLS method is easy, swift and non-invasive for the client
The devices are easy to handle.
The VECTOR NLS System measures autonomously and precisely.
Gain of time in the individual, personal care of patients.
The measurement is non-invasive and provides for a broad acceptance with your clients and patients
Through the visual presentation clients can be motivated much better to contribute actively.
An excellent supplement to modern approaches which you already work with.
Safety through continuous certification by authorised certifying bodies .

The NLS approach has already achieved striking results in numerous therapy trials. We would like to draw your attention, nevertheless, to the fact that the method belongs to the complementary and alternative medicine. The methods and systems introduced as well as the effects thereof are neither proved by the orthodox medicine nor scientifically recognised. The NLS diagnosis or the contents of this website cannot replace a medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

Why 9D NLS Vector?

Free of Radiation
No Internal Probing
No need for medical tests*


what price Vector nls?

Nazwa urządzenia

9D NLS Vector Metatron TG  7876-4021
Metapathia EMERALD

Metatron TG  7876-4025 Hunter
Metapathia HUNTER

Wewnętrzna częstotliwość generatora

4,9  GHz

4,9  GHz

filt sygnalu wchodzącego



filtr sygnalu (Writing/Reading



Trafność diagnostyki




Vir. histologia



Struktury genetyczne



Certyfikat EC




27,000 PLN

37,000 PLN


We are the 9D NLS Vector,oberon 4021 supplier,if you need the price,please contact use the get the price.

Who and Where need 9D NLS Vector analizator Applicable industries:

For beauty. Health care products such as industry, easy to operate, portable, intuitive, can be detected nearly 300 items; nearly 10 standard database; about 90% accuracy.

What No One Tells You About 9d nls vector

What is VECTOR NLS Device?

vector nls(advantages,Image,software and Video)

Why We Use vector biofeedback and How to use vector biofeedback?

Vector health vs VECTOR NLS: Which is Better?

We are METATRON HUNTER NLS Supplier,If you have any question,contact us Pleasse

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