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vector nls biofeedback what it why it and what price?

vector nls biofeedback what it why it and what price?
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vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback

What is vector nls biofeedback?

The vector nls biofeedback is the most revolutionary program for scanning and analyzing the various organs and systems of the physical body without having to make a medical or surgical intrusion.This device scans each organ and tissue on a cellular level. It compares the measurements to a database of thousands of referenced conditions and their diagnosis. vector nls biofeedback uses a special emitter to modulate the carrier frequency for the cell communication and it uses special sensor trigger readers built into headphones to read the cells own signals.vector nls biofeedback health analyzer to light waves,sonar,through the eardrum into the human body,use of quantum resonance techniques to probe the specific organs of the body tissue of the hydrogen atomic energy ,the resonance of electromagnetic waves and then feedback to the computer,Compared with fine huge database,thus find the detection organs present,past,and the next 3 ~5 years,the health status database was established by famous scientist of the former Soviet Union and the United States which spent 35 years,spending tens of billions of national research funds,a collection of different sex,different ages,different races,different diseases,different clinical data.

vector nls biofeedback is an electromedical device in the field of information and complementary medicine that can be used for diagnosis and therapy. The NLS method, to which the vector nls biofeedback system belongs, is a special diagnostic method that has taken a new, pioneering path in medicine. The vector nls biofeedback system is one of the latest developments in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic systems, with the special ability to detect and present in concrete terms diseases that often elude other diagnostic methods. Developed by Russian scientist Prof. Dr. Nesterov, the vector nls biofeedback device is based on the realization that every living body broadcasts like a radio station, but with very low voltages. From the control center, the brain, the biosignals are sent to all parts of the body.

The data is collected painlessly and quickly by diamond-equipped trigger sensors, which are located in a special headphone. Billions of information is processed by the vector nls biofeedback device in no time and forwarded to a computer. The patient sits relaxed in front of a screen and observes virtual images of his organs, the current energetic state and their state of mind down to the molecular level. developed measuring instrument from medical and space research is a real world innovation. With revolutionary measurement technology, we can detect all disorders and changes of organs such as intestines, breasts, heart, brain, lungs, etc. and make them visible to the cell level.

vector nls biofeedback what it why it and what price?

vector nls price How to get?

How vector nls biofeedback work?

The device works on the principle of amplification of the iniciated signals with the disintegration of metastable structures. By influencing external electromagnetic fields the magnetic moments of the molecular currents in the centers of the cortex nerve cells are loosing their authentic orientation. This causes faulty adjustment of eddy structures of delocalized electrons which lead to formation of unstable metastable states. Disintegration of such state acts as iniciated signal. Expressed physically this device is system of the electronic oscillator which oscillates at appropriate wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. Its energy corresponds to the energy that degrades dominant bonds that maintain structural organization of biological objects in a good condition.The device can cause a bioelectric aktivity of the brain cells so it is possible to selectively amplify signals in the background, which compared to static currents, are hard to detect. Information concerning specific temporal condition of organs and tissues are gathered on the basis of non-contact sensor that was developed using modern information technology and infrasonic circuits. This sensor reveals hardly detectable fluctuation of signals, which are filtered from sound fields and subsequently converted into a digital sequence where they are processed by a microprocessor and, using the interface cable, transferred to a computer.The development of a new generation of nonlinear computer scanners (metatrons), which make use of multidimensional virtual imaging of the object under investigation, has enabled to substantially enhance the effectiveness of the NLS-method and even expand its field of application, despite the competitiveness from MRT. The distinctive feature of multidimensional NLS imaging is an initially volumetric nature of scanning.

vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback

The data thus received are an integral array, which facilitates the reconstruction of multidimensional virtual images of anatomical structures of the object under investigation. In this connection the virtual NLS is widely used, especially for angiographic investigations with a three-dimensional reconstruction of vascular formations. Another prospective field of application of the three-dimensional image reconstruction based on the data received by means of multidimensional NLS is the study of hollow organs with Уvirtual NLS-scopyФ involved. This kind of system was developed by Medintech Company for its high-speed multidimensional nonlinear scanners, Z series, and was called Hunter. Hugh resolution maintained during spiral scanning and the use of LAPP system (a system parallel processors with super high computational capability and speed of operation) enable to realize in the project the principle of Уvirtual NLS-scopyФ at Voxel Z multimodal DICOM- compatible work station which is the principal system of imaging and subsequent data processing with Medintech scanners. NLS images are made ready for visual analysis by means of 4-d Tissue original company-developed method that makes it possible not only to obtain virtual multidimensional icons of anatomical structures but also to single out a specific biological tissue of interest-an extra dimension-and in addition make an imaged bones, soft tissue and vessels at a time. The specific characteristic of the representation of virtual data by the Hunter system is simultaneous of surfaces of cavatus and extramural formations located outside the lumen of the cavity under examination (lymph nodes, vessels). The images that are received form a natural sequence of virtual NLS pictures.

So some special navigation programs automatically define the path of motion of the Уvirtual scannerФ by the center of the cavity under examination. The path of motion can be chosen by the operator by means of some other adjustments, which enable to specify the NLS picture in detail by changing of views. A raised representation of the cavity surface is also possible with some deliberate areas of shade involved. The produced sequences of NLS pictures can be easily transformed into a standard VHS video format by means of the epi-Clien program and thus be used in common video systems, specifically in teleradiology. The Hunter system is in the first place designed to reveal patients having obstructive processes in the upper respiratory passages, bulky esophageal, gastric or colonic formations, atherosclerotic lesions o large vessels, and disorders affecting paranasal sinuses, bladder, or spinal canal. The data gathered through Уvirtual NLS-scopyФ enable to pick out in good time the optimum spot for biopsy and find out the extent of the required surgical intervention.

This new model performs all energy diagnostic analysis automatically and completely on its own. All measured data and analysis are evaluated in tables, so you can see and watch the last 4 diagnosis at once. The device is able to compare immediately and to evaluate correctly the measured values of the previous analyzes. Everything can be printed out immediately. While printing, you can also choose adjustment and printing of required parameters. The device allows you to choose manual settings as in the previous systems or semi-automatic settings when energy harmonization. It is able to test suitable food supplements, herbs, foods, allergens, pathogens, etc. Another inovation brings an option to compare the diagnostic of the measured curves, spin energy of organs and energy map of organs. The device was also supplemented with further testing for pathogens, list of another 25 companies dealing with dietary supplements and testing for suitable foods for a particular client. Another new feature is the automatic quantum harmonization. The programming software is regularly improved. Once you connect to the Internet and the program runs on the computer, a new current database of other allergens, pathogens, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and other software upgrade is downloaded. If you have a problem with the software, we will quickly resolve it using a remote connection to your computer.

Each vector nls biofeedback is calibrated with a computer processor to work as precisely as possible. It can be set to normal or higher sensitivity. A computer with installed software should be used only for diagnostic and notes. Installing additional software and downloading can recalibrate the device and partly influence the evaluation of recorded samples. Therefore we recommend to use the computer only for diagnostics and energy health analysis. We also provide remote maintenance of your computer, so you do not necessarily need to drive tens or hundreds of kilometers in order to fix any error or blockage of the program.

vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback

What does vector nls biofeedback do?

It allows a complete energetic health check and also an energetic therapy immediately following. Fully automatic, the entire body, all internal organs, all bones and tissues, if necessary down to the chromosome level is investigated and evaluated.

If necessary, the device branches independently from the organ or tissue into deeper structures. The time for a complete body analysis takes about 60 min. The examination is completely painless and therefore also suitable for children.
For examination, they put on a special headphone, but you won’t hear any sounds. Instead, it has so-called trigger sensors that emit very weak, inaudible signals in the gigahertz range to the body. The signals are designed to meet the requirements for nonlinear system analysis. Your body responds with a kind of ‘echo’, which is assessed with the help of a very large database of comparative values. Any energetic deviations from the ideal state of health are shown very clearly for the patient by colored symbols on virtual organ images.

In my experience, it is not possible to eliminate all the stresses and causes. We have to live with many environmental factors that we cannot change.

The aim of a naturopathic treatment of the skin disease should be:
1. Improve the moisture content of the skin
2. Eliminate inflammation
3. Itching and burning pain to lose
4. Build up the intestinal mucosa and eliminate dysbiosis
5. To discharge environmental toxins and other individual loads
6. Regulate the hormonal system
7. Strengthen the immune system
8. To take into account disorders in the field of geopathy and electrosmog
9. To regulate the acid-base balance.

An individual attitude to nutrition will often be necessary.

Examination and treatment with the vector nls biofeedback diagnostic and therapy system can open up the possibility of positively influencing skin metabolism again.
The self-healing powers and self-regulation of the skin can often be improved in many patients.

At the end of the analysis, the images are discussed in detail and, if necessary, even deeper detailed scans are carried out. For problems found, the vector nls biofeedback system makes suggestions about possible causes and also energetically searches for allopathic or homeopathic remedies.

vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback

why vector nls biofeedback?

NLS diagnostic devices are based on the spectral analysis of rotating magnetic fields of living organisms and provide full information about the patient’s health status or possibly the initial signs of disease symptoms. NLS provides full information about the state of health and the first symptoms of the disease, which can not be determined at this early stage by any other diagnostic methods (ultrasound, x-ray, computed tomography and others). Numerous experiments and experiments have confirmed the close link between magnetic fields and biological systems, which are used in biological systems as a way of externally and intracellularly. The spinning magnetic field plays an important role in the process of transmitting information and interacting with biological systems.

Rebalances the body so that it can start to heal itself!
Makes intrusive and embarrassing examinations a THING OF THE PAST !!!!
Quick examination (in seconds) with immediate results
Replaces dozens of traditional diagnostic methods.
Finds weaknesses in the skeleton, organs, blood, tissue, etc.
There are no side effects, unpleasantness or injury after treatment
Bio – resonance META -therapy
The vector nls biofeedback method is easy, swift and non-invasive for the client
The devices are easy to handle.
The vector nls biofeedback System measures autonomously and precisely.
Gain of time in the individual, personal care of patients.
The measurement is non-invasive and provides for a broad acceptance with your clients and patients
Through the visual presentation clients can be motivated much better to contribute actively.
An excellent supplement to modern approaches which you already work with.
Safety through continuous certification by authorised certifying bodies .

The NLS approach has already achieved striking results in numerous therapy trials. We would like to draw your attention, nevertheless, to the fact that the method belongs to the complementary and alternative medicine. The methods and systems introduced as well as the effects thereof are neither proved by the orthodox medicine nor scientifically recognised. The NLS diagnosis or the contents of this website cannot replace a medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

How to get the price of vector nls biofeedback device?

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vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback vector nls biofeedback


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