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what is original 9d 8d nls health analyzer?

what is original 9d 8d nls health analyzer?
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what is original 9d 8d nls health analyzer?


original 9d 8d nls health analyzer

9d nls non-lined diagnostic system bioplasm 9d nls
In approximately five minutes, the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer can simultaneously detect and record information about the individual client’s stress reactions.
The device is a highly complex computerised program with electrodes attached by wires to the ankles, wrists and forehead which measure and feed frequency information between the device and the body. It has the ability to quickly see what is affecting you within the body and the environment.
The original 9d 8d nls health analyzer reveals a client’s voltage, amperage, resistance and other electrical calculations which may be important indicators of wellness.
Information about reactions to over 11,000 subtle stress related signatures and physiological parameters are also reported for client education.
How can the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer help to improve my health?
The original 9d 8d nls health analyzer functions in a multitude of ways, it can send signals to measure and record electro-physiological reactions to a multitude of items, re-educate certain muscles, nerves or organs or it can retrain areas of the body / mind to healthier patterns.
In other cases, it can invert certain signals which seem to be closely associated with a stress pattern.
The original 9d 8d nls health analyzer is by far the most comprehensive biofeedback system on the market today. Pre-designed stress reduction protocols may be used, or programs can be designed to meet the specific individual needs of each client. There are hundreds of different training programs that may used back-to-back in limitless combinations to obtain optimum results.

9d nls health analyzer

9d nls analyzer

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what is 9d nls and how to use 9d nls?

hat is 9d nls system why we use 9d nls system?

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original 9d 8d nls health analyzer how to work?

Design and operation principleOperation principles of “original 9d 8d nls health analyzer” system which belong to “brain machines” class are based on fundamentals of Nesterov – Van Hoven quantum entropy logic theory. According to quantum entropy logic theory informational exchange between systems is carried out distantly, associatively and selectively due to electromagnetic radiation quantum having energy equal to energy of system’s elementary structure connections destruction. Principles of entropy logic theory allow us to affirm that in physical systems during informational exchange appear unstable (metastable) states when possibility of their destruction is increased greatly. Intensity of informational exchange between two exchanging systems A and B is increased when form of one of these systems is destroyed. Order strength of any system is equal to amount of contained information in it; that is why destruction of one system’s (A) form with parallel information transferring to another system (B) represents information conservation law postulated by quantum entropy logic theory. Entropy logic theory states that these theses are physically rightful only in case if A and B systems are quantum and aggregate of A and B can be described by one condition. This provides presence of initially existing informational exchange preceding destruction of one system’s structures which within context of entropy logic ties both parts together in single quantum system, because in corresponds to effect of Einstein – Podolsky – Rosen. Quantum entropy logic theory allows us to clarify many details of fundamental psychophysical mechanisms which are used in long-range information transfer between two spatial diverse objects. The theory reveals mechanisms forming associativity, informational selectivity and other characteristics of such exotic channel of information transfer. The system operates on the basis of principle of initiating signal amplification at destruction of metastable structures. Under the influence of external electromagnetic fields, the magnetic moments of molecular currents of the accessory centers of the neurocytes of the crust of brain lose their pristine orientation, which disorder the spin frames of the delocalized electrons, which is the reason of occurrence therein of unstable metastable states, which disintegration plays the role of the amplifier of the initiation signal. From the physical point of view the system represents a system of electronic oscillators (cadistors), resounding on a wavelength which energy is adequate to the energy of destruction of the predominant links supporting the structural architecture of the examined organism. The information about a particular condition of a biological object is read non-invasively by digital trig-ger sensor, which was developed using modern information technologies and microcircuitry catching weak fluctuations of the signals, evolved out of average statistical noise characteristics of the fields, and converted into a digital sequence, processed with the help of a microprocessor for transmitting it via interface cable to the computer. If, being based on the quantum chromokinetics rules, you present entropy values any system as colors of spectrum, such colors will vary from light yellow (at minimum entropy values) through orange to red and purple, almost black (at maximum entropy values). Finer theoretical calculations performed by computer, allow singling out a number of stationary conditions corresponding to a certain entropy potential, selectively interacting with the emission spectrum. By comparing the color gamma of the icons and their location on the organ computer model, and also their time change dynamics, one can judge on the processes of destruction of biological structures and give structures’ stability in time forecasts. The principles by realizing of which the system operates as a diagnostic one are described below. Each sort of cells has its own energy of destruction typical for certain intercellular molecular link. By changing characteristics of original 9d 8d nls health analyzercadistor radiation, one can cause a destruction of intercellular structures links (and related spin orientations of bio-molecular combinations) of any cells of organism tissues. It is natural that the more stable and correspondingly more damaged condition researched tissues have, the more pronounced response we will have according to quantum entropy logic theory. At the same time scanning frequencies will coordinate position of response which together with value of response will draw general geometry of accumulated damages in an organism. As soon as response is located by operation of psychophysical phenomena, we additionally introduced a number of physical forces activating brain functions of investigated persons, and also adjusting it resonantly (visualization of located organs on a screen of a computer, using of associativity principle). Using at locating energy impact which destroy typical molecular links is always interfits with resonance of corresponding electronic bridges in cadistor structure. On the basis of such resonance and released (at destruction of spin organization) energy due to appearance of metastable non-linear processes in cadistor structure quantum filling is carried out, resulting in amplification of response radiated by an organism.

How Accurate is the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer?

A lot of patients ask – how accurate is the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer Body Scanning?
Below we have selected three patient case studies to demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of Metatron in monitoring a patient’s health progress.

Case Study 1.
An Invisible Cold Sore and What Happened Next.
The original 9d 8d nls health analyzer has detected a pathogen on the patient’s upper lip on the left hand side.
Image 1. Metatron has detected a pathogen on the patient’s left upper lip. Note the black spot on the upper lip. Let’s investigate this further.
A closer investigation of the skin in that area has revealed a Herpes Simplex Type 1 infection, also known as a cold sore. At this stage the patient did not have any physical presentation of a cold sore, just a little tingling.
Image 2. A deeper investigation of the skin on the patient’s upper lip. The original 9d 8d nls health analyzer has detected the Herpes Type 1 Virus (a cold sore). Nothing is physically visible at this point of time.
A vibration of the Herpes 1 virus was detected by the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer and through a ‘Destructor mode’ available on Metatron the virus has been weakened
Image 3. A vibration of the Herpes 1 virus was detected by the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer and the pathogen has been weakened via the ‘Destructor mode’.
The patient was also dispensed a herbal tonic to treat the virus. However, she was not convinced that she had the virus. Four hours later she rang me and advised me that a cold sore “came up” to the surface.

ase Study 2.
Parasites and Pet Lovers.
It is not uncommon for all pet owners to have parasites and in particular the parasite Microsporum Canis in a patients’ hair, feet, legs or on other parts of their skin.
In the case of this patient, Microsporum canis parasites were detected by the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer in her hair, on her scalp , feet and other areas of the skin.
Image 5 and Image 6. The Microporums Canis parasite detected by the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer on the scalp, hair, feet, lower legs and groin.
Some lifestyle changes were recommended such as sanitising hands before eating and using an antiseptic shampoo and body wash.
ase Study 2.
Severe Hair Loss.
A 60 year old Female has presented fatigue and severe hair loss.
The original 9d 8d nls health analyzer has detected markers of an underactive thyroid and the presence of the Ebstein Barr virus in the thyroid tissue.
Crystal Healing was completed and a homeopathic remedy was formulated on the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer. This was followed by dispensing herbal and nutritional supplements.
Within just 3 months of the combined treatment with Metatron and Naturopathy there was 36% improvement in the patient’s thyroid function and she had stopped losing her hair.
Within the next few months, the patient has recovered completely and she has regrown her hair.
Crystal Healing on the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer.
The original 9d 8d nls health analyzer is available at the DH Natural Medicine Clinic, Sydney.
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Why we use the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer ?

The studies showed that the new original 9d 8d nls health analyzer is really a huge step forward in the development of the NLS Systems. Within seconds the “original 9d 8d nls health analyzer” finds by itself the origin of tumors and hereditary diseases. So the original 9d 8d nls health analyzer is beyond everything one could imagine in the past.This overwhelming results were realized throughout the completely new 3-D Spiral-Scanning-Method. original 9d 8d nls health analyzer was enlarged with hundreds of new virtual pictures.The original 9d 8d nls health analyzer finds by himself the DNA fragments with the most information loss. If these deviations on the DNA fragment-level are balanced, a lot of symptoms all over the body can disappear.The original 9d 8d nls health analyzer to describe all-embracing is not possible, you should experience by yourself!Together with improvement of original 9d 8d nls health analyzer hardware, the software is being improved also. original 9d 8d nls health analyzer is a new, revolutionary step in software creation. Hundreds of virtual models, starting with chromosomes, DNA and cells and up to models of organs and joints, were added to original 9d 8d nls health analyzer.Also the algorithm of the software was renewed, thus the effectiveness and reliability of researches was increased. The most significant addition to original 9d 8d nls health analyzer – is a module called original 9d 8d nls health analyzer, which allows revealing of oncological on early stages. New user interface of the software is intuitively obvious; all symbols are visual and easy to remember.original 9d 8d nls health analyzer together with new models of original 9d 8d nls health analyzer are considered to be a leader in non-linear diagnostics sphere, and medical certificate allows using of the system everywhere.The main feature of original 9d 8d nls health analyzer software is function called “Three-dimensional Scanning” which allows to localize automatically a nidus where tumor appeared, heritable diseases, etc. and to find the reason of appearance at genome level, passing one after another histological cuts, cytological cuts, chromosome sets, separate chromosomes, and go deeper to fragments of DNA helix.During a research the gross changes in tissues shown on macro cuts are revealed, and then a research of the histological cuts of the chosen tissues is carried out in a place of major pathological changes. Then, after histological cut research is done, the search of significantly changed cells is carried out in order to find changes in cell structures. This algorithm then goes to the level of chromosome set, looks for the changes in separate chromosomes, after that starts a research of DNA helix. Also user may carry out the research of multivariate topological picture and metastatic disease. It allows additional searching for metastasis in other organs. The researches are held in automatic mode and user can interrupt it in any moment.

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