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Some thing you need know about oberon hunter

What is oberon hunter?

Accuracy of measurement: 70 millions of measuring points per organism. OBERON 4025 provides big virtual recognition models of human organs with accuracy 85 99%. In the case of histology virtual organs, model accuracy amounts to 98% and in the case of cytological and genetic structures about 98%. The device’s resonance compartment enables exploration of all kinds of chemical and biological products in order to make an analysis of character and their influence on actual patients. OBERON 4025 with software Metapathia 3 can recognize in its infancy such diseases as precocity tumor, sclerosis multiplex and others and make their analysis and send information about their advancement. OBERON 4025 is a revolutionary diagnostic system using the most modern components and software to create possibilities for doctors to recognize many illnesses in their infancy (eg. infancy of tumours, sclerosis multiplex etc). Early recognition of diseases in their infancy and protracted diseases. Creating blood and hormone analysis. Activation of compensatory body reactions by way of metatherapy. Destructive influence on the morbifics micro-organisms. Recognizing parasites such as: intestinal parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, micro-plasmas rickettsia. Recognizing allergens. Medicaments analysis and tests, follow-up nourishment, fitospecimens, homeopatics specimens, ointments, cremes and materials for teeth in respect of their agency and tolerance. This overwhelming results were realized throughout the completely new 3-D Spiral-Scanning-Method. Oberon 4025 “Hunter” was enlarged with hundreds of new virtuel pictures. The “Hunter” finds by himself the DNA fragments with the most information loss. If these deviations on the DNA fragment-level are balanced, a lot of symptoms all over the body can disappear. The Oberon “Hunter” to describe all-embracing is not possible, you should experience by yourselF.

Oberon hunter pk Metatron hunter


Dear colleagues and users of “Oberon” system! We hope that you are satisfied with “Oberon” system developed by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics and acquired sufficient experience of working with the system.


Dear colleagues and users of “Oberon” system!

We hope that you are satisfied with “Oberon” system developed by the Institute of Practical Psychophysics and acquired sufficient experience of working with the system.

Hereby we notify you that we have expanded a range of manufactured products: instead of obsolete systems of “Oberon” series, we have developed a modern “Metatron” system that has all necessary legal documents and passed clinical trials of corresponding international certifying bodies which proved the system’s high diagnostic efficiency: – Certificate of conformance to International Standard ISO 9001:2000 in field of design, development, production, sales and servicing of bio-resonance diagnostics systems in certification body Bureau Veritas Certification (BVQI) with accreditation in UKAS (UK), ANAB (USA), DAR (Germany): accreditation in 31 countries, including Japan, Canada and countries of South-Eastern countries.

Certificate number UKAS/ANAB  210609 from 15th of March 2007.

Certificate number DAR INT70135DE from 17th of April 2007.

  • TUV Rheinland Group certificate of conformance to requirements of international standard ISO 13485:2003, medical directive 93/42/EEC MDD Annex V and certificate of conformance to CE directives.
  • “Metatron” trademark (Germany and other EU countries).
  • Industrial standard of the system (EU countries).
  • “Metapathia”, “Metapathia-GR practical”, “Metapathia-GR professional”, “NutriSoft”, “Metapathia-GR Hunter” software trademarks (EU countries).
  • Patent for invention (system of telemedicine torsion diagnostics “TorDi”) and “TorDi” trademark of EC standard.


I am glad to inform you that now you as users of our system can upgrade “Oberon”-4021 to “Metatron”-4025 directly at manufacturing facility at the following price:

Upgrade of hardware-software system “Oberon”-4021 with “Metapathia GR Professional” software to “Metatron”-4025 with “Metapathia GR Hunter” for 5000,00 Euro.


If you are interested, please contact marketing department of the Institute directly.  We will be glad if you become interested in our new developments in sphere of advanced medical technologies again.

The advantages of our new system “Metatron”- 4025 with “Metapathia GR Hunter” software are:

  • adaptation of a brand new system of continuous scanning developed together with our USA partner Clinic Tech Inc. for high-performance multidimensional non-linear scanners (metatrons) of Z series. Instrumental resolution is significantly higher in comparison with systems of “Oberon” series, thus reliability of researches is increased greatly.
  • Research speed is increased more than 5 times.
  • The main peculiarity of HSS “Metatron”-4025 with “Metapathia GR Hunter” software is “multidimensional virtual scanning” that allows automatically localize a nidus of tumor, hereditary diseases and reveal a reason of its appearance at genome level, by sequential passing through histological and cytological sections, chromosomes and going deeper to fragments of DNA molecule.
  • Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: all peculiar to Homo Sapiens species anatomical, histological, cytological structures including ultramicroscopic ones.
  • Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: spectrums of minerals and gems, it allows to select according to individual biocompatibility a gem for permanent carrying or apply lithotherapy – healing treatment of organism by mineral radiated spectrum.
  • Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: a possibility to evaluate not only tissues of human organism, but also an ultra structure of microbial agents, viruses, helminthes, rickettsia, toxoplasms and trace on which parts of bacterial cell various antimicrobial medications influence.
  • Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: “iridodiagnostics” and “auricolodiagnostics” modes.
  • Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: selection of homeopathic medications with potency taken into consideration.
  • Introduced for the first time in “Metapathia GR Hunter” software: introduced “Smart-filter” function for handy and quick automatic selection of spectral processes and medications with process topology taken into account.
  • Database of medical products, food supplements and homeopathic remedies significantly extended.

Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy
Sale Consultant : Mr Mark

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