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OBERON NLS diagnostic device

OBERON NLS diagnostic device

The device for telemetric nonlinear analysis data processing ”
” was developed in Russia
Operation of the device is summarized in detecting divergences between the input and outputsignals on different frequencies, and the program which is included in the complex, selects themost similar etalons of this or that process. Naturally, the measurements accuracy depends on thequality of equipment, and accuracy of classification of the process occurring in the body dependson conformity of the data acquired by instrumentation to statistical data (etalons). Theresponsibility for the diagnosis lies on the operator, that is on a medically educated person.The principles of operation of the
apparatus that is related to the class of «
brainmachines» (metatrons)
are based on the basic postulates of the

Van Hoven

theory of quantumentropy logic. In accordance with the quantum entropy logic theory the exchange of informationbetween the systems is carriedout distally, associatively and selectively, at the expense of quantaof electromagnetic radiation that possess energy adequate to the energy of the disintegration of bonds of the system elementary structure.The principle of the entropy logic theory allows to ascertain that in physical systems, in thecourse of information exchange, unstable (metastable) conditions occur under which aprobability of their disintegration increases significantly. The intensity of information exchangeof two information-exchanging systems A and B increases as the order in either of these systemsgets disturbed. The degree of orderliness of any system is equivalent to the quantity of information it contains; therefore, the order destruction in one of the systems (A) with a paralleltransfer of the information to the second system (B) delineates the law of conservation of information postulated by the theory of quantum entropy logic. The theory of entropy logicestablished that these statements are true in terms of physics only if A- and B-systems arequantum systems, and the aggregate of A and B parts may be characterized by one quantumstate. This stipulates the availability of initially existing information exchange that occurs priorto the destruction of one of the systems and this, within the framework of the entropy logic,combines both parts in a single quantum system since this complies with the effect of Einstein -Rosen – Podolski.The theory of quantum entropy logic makes it possible to explain many of the details of fundamental psychophysical mechanisms that are involved in the long-distance transfer of information between two objects spaced from one another. The theory reveals mechanisms thatform associativity, information selectivity and other characteristics of an exotic channel of datatransfer like this. The apparatus operates on the basis of amplifying an initiating signal at thedisintegration of metastable structures. Under the action of external magnetic field magneticmoments of molecular currents in the admixture centers of cortex nerve cells lose their initialorientation, and because of this, spin structures of delocalized electrons get disordered, thusresulting in the occurrence in them of unstable metastable conditions with their disintegration

acting as an amplifier of the initiating signal.From the viewpoint of physics the apparatus is essentially a system of electron oscillators(cadistors) resonating at the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation with their energy beingadequate to the energy of the destruction of dominating bonds that support the structuralorganization of a biological object. Information of biological object specific condition is takenup by way of non-contact method with the aid of a «trigger sensor» developed with the use of new information and microcircuit technologies, this sensor detects slightly detectable signalfluctuations that are emitted from average-statistical noise characteristics of fields and convertedinto a digital sequence processed with the aid of a microprocessor for transferring via aninterface cable to a computer. If, guided by the rules of quantum chromokinetics, the entropyvalues of any system is represented as spectrum colors, the hues will be changing from paleyellow (entropy values are minimum) through orange to red and purple, nearly black (entropyvalues are maximum).More accurate theoretical calculations carried out with the use of a computer make it possible tosingle out a series of stationary conditions corresponding to a certain entropy potential thatselectively interact with the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Comparative analysis of thehues of the color range and their arrangement on the object computer-based model, and also of the dynamics of their change as a function of time, makes it possible to make assessments onhow the disintegration processes of material structures go on and to make forecasts about thestability of these structures with time. Given below is the representation of those principleswhich, being realized, are the means of functioning of this system as a diagnostic system.For each variety of cells there is its own specific destructive energy, typical of certainintracellular molecular bonds. By changing accordingly the radiation characteristics of theelectromagnetic generator – metatron (cadistor) it is possible to cause the destruction of bonds of intracellular structures (and associated spin orientation of biomolecular compounds) in the cellsof any tissues of an organism. It is very obvious that the more unstable and, therefore, alreadydamaged state are the tissues under examination, the greater will be the response in compliancewith the quantum entropy logic. In this case scanning frequencies will coordinate the responseposition, and this, combined with the response value, will outline the general geometry of disturbances built up in the organism.And, since the response is detected at the expense of psychophysical phenomena functioning, wehave additionally introduced a series of physical impacts to activate the examinees’ brainfunction and resonance-tune it (visualization of organs being positioned on the computer display,use of associativity principles). An energy dispatch that breaks the typical molecular bonds thatis used in the positioning process, is always coupled with the resonance of correspondingelectronic transitions in the cadistor structure. And on the basis of this resonance and the releasedenergy (at the destruction of the spin organization), due to the origination of metastable nonlinearprocesses in the cadistor structure, quantum excitation occurs that generates the amplification of a response signal emitted by the organism.

IVENTUS research corporation (Moscow)

has produced original investigation system, whichmakes it possible to trace any conditions in the body through changes in the wave characteristicsof tissue, individual cells, chromosomes and even separate ferments and hormones.The
diagnosis equipment
is based on the spectral analysis of the vortex magnetic field of anybiological object. It is quite unique and unparalled in the world today. Numerous experimentsPsychophysics confirm a close relationship between the vortex magnetic fields and biologicalsystems with these fields being used in biological systems as a means of extra – and intercellular

interaction.The vortex magnetic fields play an important part in information transfer and interaction with thevarious biological systems. How do biological systems recognise and isolate the necessaryinformation from the background noise and in what manner do extra and intercellularcommunications take place?The research carried out on the energy fields around plants and animals, by the Institute hasconcluded that there exists an extremely weak low-frequency vortex magnetic field around allbiological systems. In trying to understand the energy fields which surround all living things wehave come close to understanding the bio field phenomenon, the existence of which has beenknown of since time immemorial, with some of the evidence found in the Yajur – Veda and inChinese medicine. The scientific discoveries underlying this method are simply a technologicaladdition to the centuries old tradition of Oriental medicine based on the energy conceptions of acupuncture for regulating the body. If we turn to the Chinese meridian system we will learn of the mysteries of tsi flus which in energy terms is similar to that of the coherent photon flux.The American scientist B. Kim succeeded in making a discovery as to which of the terminalpoints in the acupuncture meridian were actually found to reach the cell nucleus. There are agreat many means of influencing the meridian system for therapy purposes but their effects arenot strong enough.Computer models also give physicians a three dimensional projection of the internal organs (or ashortened version if preferred). Coloured marks placed upon the picture make it easier for thedoctor to determine the site of a pathological process.It is possible to judge the process of the disintegration of these biological structures, and to makea prognosis, by comparing the range of colours of the marks and their arrangement on thecomputer model of the organ, using the dynamics of their change over a period of time. In orderto define a pathology in an area it is necessary to investigate deeper levels of the organ producedon the screen by the computer until the pathology nidus is localised. It is the first time thatadvanced information technologies in the field of active homeostasis control are beingintroduced into the market.The research workers at the

IVENTUS research corporation

have made a breakthrough in thedevelopment of information preparations for the correction of the disturbed homeostasis balancewithin the body and the neutralisation of environmental and infectious pathological agents.
This is the most active homeostasis control program today.
The researchers were the first to succeed in producing this most effective equipment that iscapable of tuning to the frequency of the master pulses automatically without humanintervention, as well as, detecting and correcting defects and pathologies in organs and bodycells on its own. This is achieved through a combination of different specifically modulatedmagnetic oscillations recorded on a matrix.The fundamental concept in the development of this equipment was the hypothesis that thehuman body has an electromagnetic information framework that is able to respond to externalradiation. The staff of the

IVENTUS research corporation

managed to bring together differentand separate trends of Valeology creating a quantum leap in working out a method of activehomeostasis control.They then dealt with homeopathy and Chinese acupuncture with its further elaborations by Folle,
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